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Yves Rocher Haul Review + Giveaway!!!!

Hi friends,
I am back with a review of one of my favorite skincare brands: Yves Rocher!
This is the coordinating blog to the video currently available on my YouTube Channel and where you will find all the links, as well as the giveaway entry form!
Yves Rocher Creator of Botanical Beauty
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 And a Giveaway!!!

Enter to win this bathing suit - Scroll down for entry!!!

First, I need to let you know that the entire stock is currently 45% off. There I also a $5 off any $25 order using code 5OFF25 at check out. And as always, Yves Rocher has great freebies depending on your order level (watch the video for more on these freebies).
Quick reminder: Yves Rocher offers product lines that are entirely botanical and cruelty free.

Watch the video:

I needed to repurchase some of the products I have been using and liked a lot but , with 45%, 50% and 75% off on other items, I just went ahead and purchased a few more I wanted to try and review.
Items I repurchased:

Elixir 7.9 Youth Intensifier
Elixir 7.9 Youth Intensifier 

$48 $26.40

I keep talking about this particular serum, and there is a reason for it: it is by far the best serum I have used in years. I personally love the fact that it absorbs well and is non sticky like other serums. Quite frankly, for the quality, even at full price I think it is a great value.  I highly recommend it, this has to be my fourth purchase since being introduced to it.

Anti-perspirant Deodorant Laotian Lotus Flower
Anti-perspirant Deodorant Laotian Lotus Flower

$4.50 $3.00
What a great alternative to your regular drugstore deodorant. There are a lot of things I love about this particular deodorant: the scent is fresh and perfume like, not your typical powder fresh scent, it glides on with a roller-ball system and stays on all day, no matter what. It's a tragedy when I run out! This one has my two thumbs up for price, quality and effectiveness. Other scents are available.

New Items:

$15.50 $8.48
I was not sure whether I would like this makeup remover but the sale price was a deal breaker for me. It turns out this is a very effective remover. A lightly scented water you simply splash on a cotton pad to remove makeup before cleansing. It does not sting my eyes and leaves my skin clean and feeling refreshed. I probably will repurchase this product.

Perfecting Toning Lotion
Perfecting Toning Lotion
$14.50 $7.93

This is a product that required getting used to it for me because it comes out as a clear, gel-like texture, similar to aloe vera and does not need to be rinsed off. So at first, you may feel your skin to be sticky. However, and with further use, I do realize that this is very moisturizing, but does require time to absorb before applying any other product on my face. It is very refreshing, with a light herbal/cucumber scent. After one week, I noticed even skin tone and smaller pores. I will repurchase this product as well.

Blemish Corrector
Blemish Corrector
$13 $4
This is a small tube for the full price of $13, so if I were to repurchase it, I would definitely wait for a similar sale. That being said, this is a tinted spot treatment that actually provides great staying power and  coverage. So when I do have a break out, I will be glad to have this on hand. It is probably a great item to keep inside a walking pharmacy, in your purse. It does have a cucumber like scent and is highly pigmented (more of a buff than a beige). My skin is fair to medium and I found that it does blend well.


Wrinkles & Firmness Plumping Force+ Day

$48 $26.40
I purchased both the day cream and night cream (below) because they were on sale and in preparation for the change of season. This is an item I had tried as a sample size and really liked. The cream is lightly scented with a hint of pink and while it is a cream, it is still very fluid and absorbs well. I am recommending this product for aging skins (like mine), so if you are in your 20s or even 30s, this is not the cream for you as it may be too intense.
Wrinkles & Firmness Plumping Force+ Night
Wrinkles & Firmness Plumping Force+ Night
  $48 $26.40
This is a very rich and creamy night cream. I find my skin to be rested and actually plump and supple after using it. I cannot speak about the effect on wrinkles because let's face it, once they are there, they are not going anywhere. But overall, I do find that this product delivers on its promise as a firmness and plumping treatment cream.
$16 $8.80
I am always buying lipsticks and tinted balms. So I guess this means that I am a bit of an expert when it comes to lip products and this one is phenomenal. I had just purchased a similar color as a L'Oreal which went straight to the trash. This YR lipstick is not only very moisturizing, it has great staying power. Botanical ingredients are camellia oil, organic sesame oil, soy extract, vitamin E. As for this particular color, it is perfect as a daytime - everyday and go to work color.

Other colors available:

Pastel Cream Eyeshadow - Mauve brume
$17 $4.50
This is another one I would not have purchased if it was not at 70% off. I find the quality to be comparable to my Maybelline Color Tattoos. Great staying power and actually much easier to apply since it comes with a wand and is way more fluid as a cream. You can also build the color and since it comes out as a liquid, you can smudge before it dries. This particular lavender/pink shade is a great base as it makes any other shadow pop out. Very  pearlescent (at least this one is) as a finish so if you are not into shimmery shadows, this is not for you.
Other colors available:

Here are all the items I received for FREE WITH PURCHASE:

Pick one - Free with any order ( I picked the sample trio - watch the video for a review)

Proven├žal Lavandin Shower Gel
Proven├žal Lavandin Shower Gel

$4.00  FREE with order of $15


And because my order had reached $45, I received this bathing suit as well!! And that is exactly what I am giving away, not because I don't care for it, I just know I will not use it, so I might as well have someone else enjoy it!

This is it, below, as seen on the Belgium site, and without the straps, which are removable. That is NOT me in the picture (sigh).

The giveaway is for this Retropical Tankini in size LARGE.
Giveaway ends on 07/20/2013.
And the winner is.....Haley H (aka Haleybird)!!!! Congratulations! 

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Thank you for liking and sharing my post and GOOD LUCK!!!!

Winner will be notified via email and will have one week to respond with a mailing address.

Sophia, NJ

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*This site and post contains affiliate advertising. I am affiliated with Yves Rocher. I was not solicited to write this review or create a giveaway. All opinions are my own.


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