Saturday, July 27, 2013

EcoEmi July 2013 - Open Box

Hi friends,

WOW! Another great box from EcoEmi arrived on my door step this week! Just check it out!

This is a great selection of skincare items, but sadly, no makeup this time around. There is also no food item, not complaining! For those of you who are not familiar with EcoEmi it is a monthly sample subscription ($15/month - free shipping) for only natural and organic products.


Look at this selection, isn't it great? This time around Christine sent an eye mask...a purple one, no less. One of my favorite colors! So let's start!

Eartha Essential - Stress Relief Bath Soak
Full price $8 / 4 oz.

This soak smells very nice, but is not overpowering. It is a mix of Castille Soap, Almond Oil, Lavender and Ylang Ylang. All organic ingredients that will "moisturize and soften skin while cleansing. It is available in three different scents. You only need a few drops under running water, so this bottle looks like it will last me a long time too! Awesome!

Eartha Essentials - Lushfull Lips Scrub
Full price $5.00 / 0.5 oz.

This looks like an interesting product to try. A scrub for your lips. I can see this one becoming a staple over the winter season.

This scrub will "exfoliate, soften and heal [  ] All ingredients used are 100 % certified organic. Made with Mango butter, beeswax, sunflower oil, raw sugar and essential oils."

The only lip scrub I had tried before was the Satin Lips by Mary Kay. I thought it was interesting as a product but came as a two separate tubes treatment: one scrub/mask and the other as a balm. It was just to cumbersome. This one however, looks like it is all-in-one.

The smell is definitely that of lemon, I could not really smell the mango part or the beeswax either. Can't wait to try it, I wonder if it tastes sweet too!

Aubrey - Body Spritzer in Tangelo Twist
Full price $6.95 / 5 oz

This smells very nice! I like the Aubrey brand and prefer their shampoos over everything else. This is a body splash with a "citrus bouquet and mandarin spice. Filled with organic essential oils, fruits extracts to scent skin perfectly". So, I already sprayed some on and here is the verdict: it smells divine! Very summery, very refreshing for those of us who like to smell like fruit in the summer.

Blissoma - Amend Facial Solar Repair and Anti-Aging serum
Full size $48.99/1 oz

Dang! $48.99 per 1 oz! What is this made of gold or something? "Amend Facial Solar Repair Anti-Aging Serum is the ultimate, science-proven, repair treatment to undo the damage the sun causes each day. This product builds and defends collagen, firms skin, lessens wrinkles, decreases environmental damage and discoloration".

That just sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? This is a small sample size (remember it's apparently liquid gold with that price tag), so I am not sure what kind of results I will see with such a small amount, but will try it anyway.

I am not crazy about the color itself, it has this yellow-ish tint and texture that reminds me of an infection, if you know what I mean. Really not pleasant as an experience, if you ask me. With that price tag, you would think they'd find a way to make the stuff look appealing!

It smells like rubber - then again that could be the smell of the dropper squeeze mcthingy. Will try...It just looks dubious to me right now.

Fortune Cookie Soap - Whipped Cream Body Butter
Full price $10.999 / 5 oz

I heard about the Fortune Cookie brand. They make a lot of homemade recipes products in very intriguing flavors (let's just say they are similar to Lush). Their best sellers are of course their fortune cookie soaps, which are shaped, you guessed it, like big fortune cookies.
Let's start with the name: "Mother Pucker"...Maybe I passed the age where I find that kind of pun cute, so enough said.

This is a very thick body cream, not as thick as Body Shop's body butters. It has a very light green tint to it and I tried it a bit on my hands and found it to be very moisturizing, it does smell like soap though.

From the card: "Healing botanicals, whipped together with coconut oil, vitamins A, D, C and E, create this creamy body butter, sure to cure dry skin. Tests show that only small amounts of vitamins can be absorbed by the skin at any one time so apply sparingly and frequently and enjoy the results!" 

French Girls Organics - Rose Cleansing Scrub
Full price $20 / 4 oz

This one is just fit for moi!  What a great concept, a face scrub that comes just as the scrub part of it, sans the cream. It can be mixed with whatever medium you choose, for instance Honey, yogurt or coconut oil!

From the card: "Rose cleansing Scrub Vegan friendly organic materials such as rose, hibiscus, steel cut oats, to cleanse and refresh [  ] can be used as a mask to provide a spa treatment.

It comes in this lovely small glass bottle I am sure to keep afterwards. The smell is definitely that of rose, but again not overpowering. It definitely has a gritty texture but it is very fine and therefore will not be too harsh on the skin. I am loving it already!

Limitless Skies - Sleep Mask
$5 each

This is just a simple mask in a great shade of purple. The elastic band is the right size for me. The other side is a fleece-like material, so it may be too hot to wear this time of year But a definite keep.

So there you have it, the July EcoEmi box. Thank you Christine! This is another great box and I am really looking forward to trying every single sample, yes including the "too good to be true" serum!

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Sophia, NJ

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