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BirchBox July 2013 - Open Box

Hi friends,

I am always so impatient about receiving my sample boxes, whether Birchbox or EcoEmi. It is one of the few treats I allow myself each month and overall, I find them to be such a great way to remember pampering and caring for my skin (and health) not to mention the savings! So without further ado, here is the July 2013 Birchbox, which arrived late to my door!


This month 's theme is POWER PLAY, a move that puts an individual in a position of victory! So let's see how much POWER PLAY these samples have, shall we?


 Number 4 - Super Comb Prep & Protect  
 Full Size $32

Unless this product makes my hair look like some Lady Godiva-like creature, I can tell you already that I would have a hard time justifying the $32 price tag.
That said, I love finishing sprays and detanglers. This one is a Sulfate-free leave-in conditioner that safeguards color and protects against UV rays. You are supposed to spray it onto damp hair and comb through.

I did try it on dry hair upon opening the box, it has a light floral scent and the bottle itself has a nice spray that provides a fine mist. So far, so good.  Let's wait and see!

Purminerals - CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40
Full size $38
Well, this is another one of those new trends. After the BB cream, we are now on the CC cream bandwagon.

Quite frankly, I am still trying to find a BB cream that I enjoy using, I just don't get the hype! How hard is it to add a drop of foundation to your regular moisturizer and blend them together?

Anyway, this is "a clinically proven formula [ that ] moisturizes, brightens, and evens skin tone". You are supposed to apply a small amount onto face after cleansing. So I did apply a small amount on the back of my hand and found it to be very thick. I does provide good coverage...

...I am not crazy about the color, which they call Medium, I found it to be a bit too chalky.  Still, I can't wait to try it!


Wei - Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask
Full size $42

This is a brand I am familiar with. Wei sells a whole line of skin care and makeup items on HSN called Wei - East and I did purchase some of them a while back. Overall I did enjoy the products and found them to be very effective. For some reason I like the concept of using Chinese traditional remedies and herbal medicine for skincare routine. If I recall well, Wei uses old recipes from generations past with modern technology. That was always an attractive selling point for me.

This is a mask and a good size too, I may actually get two uses out of this. It is a "nondrying, deep-cleansing mask packed with purifying China clay". You just "paint a thin layer onto clean skin, wait 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water".

At first glance, this looks very much like a milk chocolate pudding. It has a nice scent, similar to other Wei East Products. I am very excited to try this. One because I know and trust the brand and two, because I incorporate masks as part of my weekly routine and this is one I am looking forward to trying! It is not cheap though, $42!

Wei - Pomegranate Buffing Beads
Full Size $20
Another Wei sample! YES!!! These are buffing beads made form "finely ground pomegranate peels". It is a scrub that is meant for cleaning and brightening pores without irritation. You are supposed to mix one of the little packets with your daily cleanser. It just does not say whether it can be used daily though.
Here is a tidbit about abrasive scrubs:
You should never use one with scrub bits or beads that are irregular in shape. For instance the very popular St. Yves Apricot Scrub which contains ground apricot kernels. The problems with these kind of scrubs is that the particles (for a lack of a better word) are in all sorts of shapes with pointy edges. As a result, they scar your skin, ever so microscopically, they still do and are not a good way to clean and unclog pores.
On the other hand, anything that is more like a micro-dermabrasion type texture, provides a fine grind that is regular in shape. And these appears to be that way! yeah!
Cannot wait to try them!
Dr. Jart - Ceramidin Cream
Full Size $48

I never heard of this brand. It is one of the box exclusives this month. It's supposed to skin damage and provide hydration for up to 26 hours. Right there it frightens me....26 hours of hydration? How do they calculate that? And does it mean it is loaded with Vaseline?

Fine, I 'll try it, but still, how do they come up with such an arbitrary number?

Back to the cream" it has a slight yellow tint and a very pleasant citrusy scent. I applied a tiny amount on the back of my hand. It did absorb well and leaves a silky feel....We shall see whether my hand stays moisture for 26 hours!

And that was the July box! So, aside from the ridiculous 26 hours claim, I would say this is an excellent box! I am so hyped about the Wei products, I am going to try them first!

Birchbox is still delivering a good selection and despite some let downs (early 2013 and last month's box) they are still on my list of "looking forward to" each month!

Stand by for the full review!

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Sophia, NJ

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