Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yves Rocher Product Reviews

Disclaimer: The following is a review of Yves Rocher products. I am not paid by Yves Rocher nor solicitated by them to review their products. The opinions below are strictly my own.

Hi friends,

Have you ever heard of YVES ROCHER? This French Skin Care company has been around since 1967. So what's the big deal about it? Well, I absolutely love their products and was very happy to find them online here, in the US!

Here are a few things to know about Yves Rocher as a brand:

  • Products are all BOTANICAL & ORGANIC
  • Super affordable - There are always some great choices on sale and I am not talking about 10% off, many are 50% off or more!
  • Excellent quality (I mean that, they are excellent for sensitive skins like mine)
  • For the majority of the products you purchase, the Yves Rocher Foundation will plant a tree. What? Yes, not only you are doing something good for your skin, you are also planting forests!
  • No matter what your order is, there are always freebies coming your way. Some of the freebies this month are two adorable mugs, a mascara, a trio of travel size products  or a $33 value surprise gift . Last month I received a free knitted beret and matching scarf along with two full size products (Apricot Botanical Body Scrub and Almond Body Lotion - simply amazing)...not to mention the samples. 

In other words, Yves Rocher is not only a great brand, it is also a great deal!

Here are this month's freebies:

When you order (depending on your order level) you get to choose either one or more of these gifts.

Before I go on and review these products, let me tell you a little bit about my skin:

I am 42, very fair skin with freckles. I do not tan, instead I will burn to a reddish hue that later peels off to reveal new pale skin underneath it. 
I have combination skin in that my T-zone tends to be oily but my jaw line and eye contours tend to be dry. I am also prone to large pores, blackheads and occasional blemishes. 
I am a makeup and cosmetic addict in that I will try anything at least once. Over the years I have tried every brand under the sun from your regular drugstore choices to Department Store brands. For years I found that I was never satisfied with whatever it was I was using and as a result became increasingly frustrated with the Skin Care industry constantly re-inventing itself. 
Last year I developed serious allergies to pollen, rag weeds etc. I also found out that I was allergic to copper and nickel. So I had to adjust to organic products. I went to Whole Food Market and bought oodles of products, never found something I liked or leading to brand loyalty, until now!

Here are some of the Yves Rocher products I am currently using as part of my daily routine:

Lifting Bio - Day Cream. 1.7 oz. ***

This product is currently 41% off - Original price $39, current price $23.
I use this cream every morning after applying the 7.9 serum. It is a white, thick yet very light and nourishing anti-wrinkle cream. The scent is absolutely divine, almost like fresh cut wheat grass. The formula is enriched with organic alfafa extract and is 100% natural fragrance. 
I have been using it since late November and the jar still has a lot of product to go. I find my skin to be nourished and supple after using it and it is also a great base for my foundation makeup (MAC). I am not breaking out using this product, my pores are not enlarged and I also find my skintone to be more balanced.

Lifting Bio - Night Cream. 1.7 oz. ***

Same price as above, also on sale. I use this every night after applying the 7.9 serum. This is a deep penetrating cream similar to the Day Cream. The formula is also enriched with organic alfafa extract and is 100% natural fragrance. I have to say that I love calling it a night with this cream on my face, again the scent is just wonderful to me. I wake up with my face still moisturized and funny I even noticed but also less wrinkled from pillow creasing.

Click the link below if you want to try both products as a travel size duo for only $7:

                                                 Kit Lifting BIO

Elixir 7.9 (collector's edition - silver). ****

I never get to the bottom of any jar and this one, I not only finished, I am reordering it as well! I call it my alternative to the pricey Estee Lauder Intensive Repair Serum. This product is not currently on sale ($25). But it is a generous amount. I started using it late November as well and may have two more applications left. Here are some of the benefits (as listed on the website):

-Smoothed wrinkles
- Boosted radiance
- Protected, redensified, revitalized and relaxed skin
- Refined skin texture
- New skin effect
- Firmer looking skin.

They are not kidding! After one month use, all the pores on my cheeks have shrunk! It comes in a very pretty bottle with a dropper and squeeze pump to keep the product from cross contamination. The only caveat is that the dropper is made of glass, so you need to be careful with it. This is a great product with excellent reviews.

Follow the link below if you want to check it out for yourself:

I could go on and on as to how great these and other products are since I use so many. If you love Bath and Body Works shower gels, Yves Rocher has a collection of Exotic Botanical gels with scents far more intriguing than the usual cotton candy or apple cranberry.
If you want me to review more products, either in a blog post or youtube video, don't hesitate to make a request (comment below or email).

Until then, here are some of their current sales (valid until 2/8 use Code: 5OFF25 to enjoy an additional 5%) you may click on the picture links:

                                           Yves Rocher Creator of Botanical Beauty

And you may click below to check out the shower gels:

I hope you have found these to be helpful reviews.  I recommend these products, but again, this is solely my opinion.

Thanks for sharing,

You can also find me on FACEBOOK.


Sophia, NJ

For more information about Yves Rocher and/or order products, check out their website:

This post contains affiliate links. I only chose affiliate programs for products I have tested and use on a regular basis. I am not solicitated by any affiliate to post reviews.


  1. Hi. I'm Sandra. A bit new to the product but so far I love all that I have bought! I would like to post what I like about the product and would also like to offer some suggestions as to what I think others would enjoy having but can't seem to find a place on the website where I can rate and review. Can offer any suggestions? I'm living in Malaysia. thanks. from

  2. Could you review sone of their actual cosmetics? They are a great price but i don't know if they are really worth anything. Thanks!

  3. just got an order yesterday, I LOVE the Hydra Vegetal moisture boost concentrate, skin is soo silky and feels great :) also anti dandruff shampoo is lovely.

  4. I found out they test on animals. Too bad, but will never order from a company that needs to abuse an animal to sell me their product as "organic" and "plant-derived"...what a sad way to make us humans feel even marginally better about our wrinkly faces...I remember shopping for Yves Rocher products with my mother in Switzerland in the late 70's, and all products had a bunny on them, signifying the absence of any animal testing. Unfortunately, now that everyone is after Chinese $$, they test on animals, as that sad horde of humans still requires that cosmetics be poured into a bunny's eyes and smeared over their sensitive skin which makes the resulting blisters bleed.
    If you feel that your comfort (not your survival) is more important than their lives, go ahead and smear that stuff on yourselves. In the end, you will have wrinkles no matter what you put on and what it cost, so use something that does not kill animals in the process. Empathy is a human virtue sneered at by blind business decisions. Make an educated choice.

    1. They test their products on animals only in China. The government of China has a special law about it. Only the products entering this country are tested on animals and it's not the Yves Rocher company that does that.

    2. Firstly, their web page does not specify that they sell in China, but rather goes on about some French animal protection price they have won and how they are completely cruelty free. There are companies, such as L'Oreal, that are at least honest about what happens. There is a section dedicated to the case of China on their web page. Honesty is everything! Secondly, Chinese animals are not less worth than others. And there are companies, that for this very reason of this law, decide not to sell in mainland China. If they sell in Hong Kong, that's ok, they do not have the law there. But it's all about mainland China.

    3. Thanks for letting me know about animal testing. I vetted this company years ago and was under the impression that nothing had changed. I have no intention of doing business with a company that will purge their moral compass as a means to make more money.

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  6. I am definitely enjoying your website. You definitely have some great insight and great stories.

  7. Hey I always buy Yves Rocher products I love them.. They have good foundations eyeliners and everything else.. I was never disappointed by their products and I only use them... My sister had very oily skin prone to acne and she also love Yves rocher

  8. For me it was the worst experience ever.I received this publicity in my mail and i decided to try with them. After a few days ( very fast, i must say)i received a full package with products. After that as a good customer i decided to pay my bill online, but there isn't a way of doing it. After that, i tried to do it by phone and after almost an hour waiting in line, someone who barely speaks English said that i need to give my credit card info without receiving any payment confirmation... that i need to wait to have it by mail.They are multimillionaire and they don't have this kind of services,a simple electronic payment receipt?...Unbelievable!!!!To top it all off, the customer services agent hung up on me.
    I do not recommend this store and their prices are too high for the quality.The ingredients are a total mystery, even doesn't have it in their list...I think they are not serious.

    1. Yves Roche most certainly has the worst customer service I've ever encountered. Tried unsuccessfully to contact them to clear up a billing error. Finally resorted to snail mail. No one contacted me via email, regular mail, home phone cell phone, etc. I gave my phone number repeatedly to their "beauty representative " without a call back. I paid for products that I've never received. Now I never will get them due to the period of time that has lapsed since the order.

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  10. Hi, I am H.Ramdin from Mauritius and want to hear from you about the product Kiotis forever "Eau de toilette" as since past 2 months this product is not available here and I really love this body lotion. Yhanks to do the necessary for me & hope to hear you very sooner and you can even reply me in my mail ""

  11. I started using yves rocher product about a week ago. I was looking for a good organic product for my dry skin and it popped up. I searched for it on IG and started following and then discovered they actually launched a store in the city I reside, abuja and another in Lagos. I was thrilled and ran down to pick some dry skin products. I was also lucky it was the last price- slash day. I don't know if it's my imagination, but I just can't explain the awesome glow and compliments from people. It's like magic.

    1. Please please, which specific items did u get? I was at the Abuja store last Saturday I have really dry skin as well. Thank you ��

    2. Please where is their store located in Lagos pls

    3. Hi Jaykay, they have stores in Novare shopping mall, the Palms shopping mall, Circle mall I think....just get to any and they'll direct you to the closest to you. Products simply amazing. I am oh so hooked!

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  13. Today my experience with the store has been excellent. I love that they make their products from fresh organic fruit and vegetables. Then again, their costumer service has been wonderful and fun!!!!! I felt really comfortable and welcomed. I met Yaritza at The Mall Of San Juan, she has been very nice and sweet. She helped me find all of the products that I was looking for. Haha I could come over and over again to the store!!! <3 I LOVE IT Btw, you guys have to try Dark Angels which is a product that she recommended me, it left my skin bright and smooth. I'm VERY VERY SUPER DUPER happy about the product.

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  19. Just started using this product 3/4months now.My face is smoother but i am so dark, am considering changin it. How long does one expect visible brightness or glow? Thanks.

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