Sunday, January 27, 2013

Speed cleaning the Kitchen

Hi friends,

Since I am becoming more comfortable with filming around the house I made this video yesterday to share with you how I speed clean my kitchen in 35 minutes.
Speed cleaning does not mean that you fake "clean", you do clean, it's just a more methodical and obviously faster way to clean for those of us who are home management challenged and also too busy with the rest of our lives to spend an entire week end cleaning around the house.

This method is very similar to my bathroom cleaning routine in that I multi task - while something is soaking I do something else , etc. It allows me to quickly go through the entire area in a relatively fast manner...It does require some energy but as I mention in the video, it is energy well spent!

I do apologize for the dogs and cats whining in the background, apparently they do protest when I am doing something that does not involve them!

To make things easier, I am including this free printable which follows the steps I took to speed clean my kitchen. You can click on the link to download it as a PDF for your Home Management Binder or for quick reference.

I hope you enjoy this video.
Thank you for watching!

Here is the template (you can either click on the picture for a larger view or click the link below for the downloadable version):

Kitchen Template Link for Download
Here is the video: 

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Sophia, NJ.


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the checklist. Managing a house is really not easy, more so a kitchen. Everything has to be spotless and clean. It is not fake cleaning, but simply using the time right. You can always multitask without sacrificing the quality of your work and that is what you've achieved your goal.
    Dwight Franklin

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  2. Thanks.the to do list is realy helpful.timing is so impotant to me becauce Im aworking mum, have 3 young girls and they need thier time to.

  3. It is very useful information.It is very important to manage a kitchen to manage a house.
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  4. I love ur videos ,in ur kitchen I noticed u have ur poy lids behind ur stove hoe do u keek them from getting greasy when u cook

  5. I love ur videos ,in ur kitchen I noticed u have ur poy lids behind ur stove hoe do u keek them from getting greasy when u cook

  6. "Speed cleaning" may sound impossible as a term, but it is indeed possible! I don't think I can clean as fast as you do, but I believe I manage to do so by remembering one thing. "Go slow, then you'll go fast." What this means is that you do things methodically for everything to go fast. Thanks for sharing!

    German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equipment

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