Sunday, July 21, 2013

Coat Closet organization and Hall Makeover

Hi friends,

I was a busy bee this weekend, I spent my entire Saturday tackling the big eyesore in the front entrance of our home.
We have a very small entry way that is just big enough to open a door and one small coat closet. for some reason, that very closet has become the dump site of anything winter related plus some. I had meant to fix that mess a while back, but seeing no emergency, it's summer time after all, I just kept procrastinating and making excuses. Well, yesterday I just about had it and decided to completely make the space over.

Sure enough I forgot to take before pictures of the inside of the closet itself, so you will have to check the video to see that big embarrassment of mine...what a mess that was!!

Anyway, this is what the front entrance looked like before:

And this is what it looks like now:

I would say that it is a pretty dramatic difference!

So I purged the contents of the closet (and again, for a before view of what was hiding behind door number 2 - check out the video). In all I managed to get rid of 8 coats and 4 pairs of shoes. Some of the contents were non closet related items, such as sheets or an extension painting pole.

I painted the inside as well, here is a view of my work in progress:


I made a stop by Home Goods and purchased three lined baskets as well as one of those collapsible hanging shelves.


Ultimately, the goal was to have a basket for each family member, to contain all hats, gloves and scarves for the winter. I labeled my baskets to make sure we stay organized.

I used the hanging shelf for my Vera Bradley Summer purses, my hats and our baseball caps. I also used the last two shelves for the boys' snow suits.


All winter boots are now placed at the bottom on one of those mud trays...


To decorate the entryway, I placed one of my coordinating leftover wreaths on the closet door and faced it (opposite wall) with a mirror I found at Home goods as well.



And voila!

The space looks so much more open not to mention brighter. I also replaced the security chain. In all it was not hard work, but it did take some time to complete as a project. I am just glad it's over.

Here 's the video:

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Sophia, NJ

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