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EcoEmi June 2013 - Full Review

Hello friends,

I know I am a little bit late for this review - things have been a bit hectic on the home front these days. But, I am here and with a lot to talk about! The June Eco Emi was a great box, maybe not the best I received from Christine, but still a very good one at first glance. I just was not thrilled with most of the products after using them and if you recall my rant from the open box post, I did have some issues with the flag bandana etc. I won't talk about it again, so this is strictly a product review and here goes:

Badger - Cuticle Care with Soothing Shea Butter  - A++++

I am head over heels with this product! This is THE BEST cuticle cream I have ever tried and loved it so much, I rushed to Whole Foods to purchase two additional ones. I now have one on my bed stand, one in my purse and one at work.
The texture of this balm is difficult to describe, it is a paste, not a cream, more like solid wax. But it glides on beautifully and absorbs well. The smell is that of lemon, beeswax and honey mix together, but not in an overwhelming way. It does an unbelievable job on dry cuticles. I tend to have pieces of skin that would poke out from around my nail bed. I clipped them off and used this balm religiously every night sine receiving it and here is my testimony: my nails have never looked so good, not only that, they are stronger and I am actually able to keep long nails longer (mine tend to split and break easily). This is the first time in my life that I actually have nails!!! I took two pictures of my left hand this morning to show you ( I did apply the balm on my nails so you can see what it looks like once applied).


Don't walk! RUN, and get some for yourself - Badger's Cuticle Care has made it to my Hall of Fame!
It is available at Whole Foods for under $6, CO. Bigelow for $8 but I found it on Amazon for under $5! Here is the link:

The All Natural Face - Vegan Lip and Cheeks 
in Peachy Rose - B-
This is an okay cheeks color. I did not like it on the lips as it was too drying. I also found that this formula did not do well in hot weather. The pancake became sweaty and it felt greasy on my cheeks. It is one of those products I could keep in my purse if I need a pick me up at work, but otherwise, I would not make this part of my regular makeup routine. The color itself is very pretty, a bit of powdered rose with a hint of sepia, it probably works well on all skin tones. But, since I have so many blushes, some cream and some powder, it did not wow me! Full size is $4.

Purely You Minerals - Vegan Bronzer - D-
This comes as no surprise since it was an instant dislike when I received it. The packaging itself (though I understand is just for samples) was messy, with no lid. I ended up with product all over my white vanity and my towels. As for the color, it is too dark and too gold as a finish. This is the kind of bronzer that makes you look like you have bronzer on your face, and to me, it's a big no-no. As an eye shadow it is okay, but still too dark and flashy.  I don't think I will ever use it. It is not making it to my Hall of Fail because I can see other gals liking it and using it. Hence the D- rather than F. If you routinely use bronzer and you like the effect, this would be perfect for you. I just did not care  for it and I can see how this would end up on clothes as well. Full size is $4.
Nelson's Pure and Clear - Purifying Cleansing wipes - D-                                                                 What a big disappointment these wipes are! I was so looking forward to using them, not because I have acne prone skin but simply because I like using face wipes! These have a nice smell, as mentioned in the previous post, it might be a bit too pharmaceutical because of the Witch Hazel and other ingredients. But aside from the scent, I liked nothing about this product. I found the wipes to be dry (not moist at all), they are also gritty and one should not rub them too harshly on cheeks and other sensitive areas. The texture itself is not like other wipes at all, not fiber-y or flexible.I also noticed that they oxidized , at least the top and next in line did, by turning brown on the edges, while still in the package. As for their effectiveness, I really could not tell whether they shrunk my pores or made any kind of improvement. I stopped using them after 3 days because I became concerned they were too harsh (texture) on my skin. If you have a tough skin, they may be good for you, but there are so many other brands out there to try. Not for me, I could have failed them completely, but I like the scent and I found them refreshing on a hot day as a simple neck and shoulders wipe. Seriously, no big deal. Retail $8.75.
Desert Essence - Coconut Hand and Body Lotion - B
Desert Essence lotions are great to keep as sample size for on the go and travel. As lotions, their scents are fabulous and they do the job. Other than that, I don't find them to be anything other than good lotions. The samples are often available at Whole Foods in the cosmetics section, if you see them, grab some. Otherwise, I can't say that I would buy or recommend purchasing a full size product since they are just Okay - not amazing. Full size is $8.99. 

Surf Sweets - All Natural -

Gummy Bears - B

The boys liked them. But then again, put sugar in anything, and they probably would eat it! I tried a few. You can taste the "healthy" in them. By that, I mean that they are naturally sweetened and obviously made with better ingredients. They are not rubbery and requiring tons of chewing like commercial gummies. I did not like the powdery texture. I like Harribo Gummy bears (the original ones) because they do not have that dipped in powder feel to them like these do. I can see where this is a personal preference but to me, I really could not see the big deal since they are other varieties of healthy gummies out there. These were just okay. I also could not justify the price tag: $2.79/bag.

Beanitos - Black Bean Chips - Chipotle BBQ - D-


These were awful! I did mention before that I do not care for Mexican, Tex-Mex etc. cuisine. So perhaps I would not be the one to judge anything like this. First, they just look terrible, more like a leftover side of black beans that stayed on the counter over night and got all dried up. Sounds appetizing, doesn't it? So I tried them and at first the flavor was ok, they are spicy. Unfortunately they are very salty and the taste just invades your mouth and stays there forever! I think I was still tasting them 2 hours later! They are just too intense for me. As for the texture, they are dry and weird, crunchy but not in a good way. My husband tried them and thought they were okay, so I guess they too cannot make it to the Hall of Fail, but if the review was based solely on my opinion, definite fail! Just awful! That said, starving and having nothing else to eat, I probably would eat them, but I sure am not rushing to the grocery store for these! Retails at $2.64/bag.  Don't they just look gross?    

Botanical Interests - Wheatgrass 
 Organic Heirloom Seeds
I am not sure how to rate these. I did plant them and they sprouted right away, making a nice pot of green on my counter. But once in full size they did not last long and wilted, I ended up throwing them away. I did not make any juice or smoothie with them, it's just not my thing. It was pretty to look at and that's about it.
I don't think the cat ate them either. It was just nice to have around for as long as it lasted and I have leftover seeds, so I plan on planting some again, perhaps waiting for guests to come to the house and make some kind of centerpiece with them, planting them ahead of time. It's a fun thing to do.
So there you have it, my June Eco Emi Box review. Not outstanding and not an all around winner. But, and as always, I still love trying new things and while some of them were just awful, like the Beanitos chips, it was still intriguing and fun to try.

As for the Badger Cuticle Care, I will say it again: this is by far the best product I have tried out of all the Eco Emi and the Birchbox boxes I have received this year.
Stand by for the July 2013 open box!

Thank you for liking and sharing my post.
Sophia, NJ

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