Monday, November 11, 2013

Kitchen and entryway Makeover - Part I

Hi friends,

Another busy week end for me: I repainted the kitchen and entryway in a gorgeous shade of green! But we did not stop there, we also walled off a section of our stairs to the basement.

In this video, I take you through the entire process. It was an exhausting day (judging by my overall disheveled and Wicked Witch of the West general appearance and next week end will be just as busy with part II.

Here are some project shots:

Basement stairs - We took a large piece of plywood and nailed it to that part of the stairs that was hollow with just bars. I decided the close this section because my desk is right under the stairs on the other side of the see-through section and dust bunnies leaves etc., from the back deck door, kept on falling onto the desk. Closing this section off also cuts out some of the drafts from the door itself when we are in the basement watching TV.

The plywood was cut to fit right into the steps...

And this is what it looks like before it all gets painted again (this will be in part II):

Now for the entryway and kitchen, I picked a Behr latex eggshell paint in a gorgeous shade of moss green (it is called Grape Vine).
Both the kitchen and the entryway needed a fresh coat of paint and we had kept the one from the previous owner, needless to say it was time to make it our own!

Before color: light yellow.

 After color (still wet in the shot bellow): moss green.

You can see better shots in the video.

Before color for the kitchen was this very faint lime green:

This is after one coat of paint... It creates a very nice contrast with the honey/warm color of the cabinets.

You can see a portion of the hallway through the door.

I was so tired towards the end that I had to enroll a little helper!



Next week end, I m finishing the entryway and painting the staircase to the basement as well as the other side of the stairs. Let me tell you, these projects are exhausting but so well worth the effort. The kitchen has been transformed!

Thank you for reading my blog!

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Sophia, NJ

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  1. Hi Sophia - Am so pleased I found your videos etc - I love listening to you and seeing what you are achieving. I am in the process of de-cluttering and re-organising our home so feel very connected to you. Love the way you have organised and decorated your kitchen to make it so much more workable and easier to maintain. Your hall cupboard (before) looks just like ours does at the moment - it is yet to be tamed! Keep the info/videos coming - I feel like it is listening to a friend - love your personality. One question I like your 123 cook book/magazine holder, where did you get it from? Looking forward to part 2 of your basement decoration. Lorna from North Lincolnshire UK.

    1. Thank you so much Lorna. I never really know how folks may feel about the way I do things or present myself, it's always great to receive good feedback. Means a lot. The 1.2.3 rack was found at Home Goods, it's a discount decoration and furnishing store here in the US. It does not have a brand name on it, sorry.

  2. Thanks - may find something similar in the UK, like the fact it looks as though you can get quite a depth of books/mags in it. After watching your video, I'm going to have a go at "scrapbooking". Lorna

  3. Sophia, j'ai lu tout vôtre blog et il fallait que je vous laisse un message d'encouragement car vous avez fait un superbe travail d'organisation et de rangement, c'est merveilleux!!! Bonne continuation :) Great job Sophia :) A bientôt

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  5. Your decorations are modern and classical at the same time. I like to mix these 2 things. And now I can do this because I start to redecorate my home. I try to pick the best materials like corian worktops in aberdeen or sth similar. Because my home it's not for couple months but for all my life.


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