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E.L.F - Haul and Review

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I am sure you have heard of E.L.F before, they are mostly sold at Target, though I think you can find their makeup line at Walmart too now. E.L.F promotes itself as a professional makeup company at bargain price. That's intriguing enough for me to give them a fair try.
I do have some E.L.F products I use once in a while, but never really made any significant purchases in the past, at least not enough to qualify as a haul, until today.

To begin, let me tell you that E.L.F I very affordable, so if you are limited on funds, they are a great alternative to drugstore brands and some their product lines like the Mineral or Studio lines are actually very good quality for the price. Even better, they are animal cruelty free!

I placed my order online on a day when they offered 50% site wide. In addition, I had a $20 off coupon and they always offer free shipping, so I got all of this for under $20 (can't tell me it's not a bargain!)

If you would rather watch the corresponding YouTube video, here it is:


Eye Transformer Palette

This eye palette offers 4 individual eye shadows you can either wear alone or blend with others. I purchased it for the purpose of toning down some of my darker shadows in particular cut down on some shimmer and glitter. With a blending brush, I go over the edges of my darker and defining shadows and blend it in towards the upper corner of my lid. This allows the shadow to have more of a gradual finish on the edges, it looks less sharp and really opens up my eyes. I use the two colors in the middle which are more of a cream and light pink color for that purpose. The light blue (right) is perfect for the corner of my eye to make it pop, the green (left) is a nice addition as a bright line over or right under my eye liner for another effect. Quality wise, these are okay (what do you expect for $3, right?) they are a bit powdery but when you use good quality brushes, the issue no longer exists.

Mineral Blush - Peachy

This is a fantastic color and a great quality mineral blush too! I apply my blushes with the Real Techniques Blush Brush , which I find to be the best out of all the brushes I have tried thus far. This blush is long staying and blends in very well. I am very fair skin and find this one to be the perfect shade for colder months. It has a hint of coral/brick but I still a pink blush, which is the color that suits me best.

Studio HD Blush - Diva
This tiny $3 bottle completely took my by surprise! It is so pigmented, the amount you see on my hand (bottom left) is all you need, and still, this might be a tad too much. This blush is difficult to blend if you do not have a good Stippling Brush , I would recommend you place the product on the back of your hand or a paper towel prior to applying the product to your face because it delivers some serious bang. The lasting power is also amazing. So between staying power and color payoff I would rate this product as an A+. I have grown obsessed with it and plan on purchasing other colors since this one is a bit too fuchsia.  It truly is a great product.
Essential Lip Stain - Nude Nectar
Lip stains are interesting products to me. They deliver good color coverage with amazing lasting power. Unfortunately, I always find them to be too dry and would recommend you use a clear balm over the stain. This one is very nice, the Nude Nectar color is more of a true to your lip sort of color that suits me well. Again, for $2, E.L.F delivered a good quality product.
Essential Bronzer - Sun Kissed
Essential Bronzer
This bronzer is just okay for me. The website does not mention that it has a gold patina to it and I usually avoid anything yellow on my skin as it just does not go well with my cool tones. For the price, I still think that it delivers good results, it is a bit powedery and the included brush is not something you want to use for it at all, I would just ignore the brush or trash it all together. Other than that, it's okay. I am not going to try it in other colors.

 Mineral Eye Shadow - Royal, Socialite, Flirty
Mineral Eye Shadows
I am in love with these shadows! The quality is very good and you do get quite a good amount of product for $3. From left to right: Flirty, Socialite, Royal. All three are in the purple range. They do have quite a bit of shimmer to them, Socialite and Royale are more of a gunpowder with glitter finish but are not your daughter's eye shadows, these are very wearable. I was really surprised by the quality of these shadows. With a good brush application, they do wonders on my brown eyes.
So I got all of these for under $20 and quite frankly I am impressed!
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Sophia, NJ.

* This blog contains affiliate advertising. I am not affiliated with ELF or Real Techniques. I am affiliated with and all opinions are my own.



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