Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Birchbox - October 2013 Review

Hi friends,

Oh boy, oh boy! Am I late with this review!

Want to see the box opening and first impression? Here is the video available on my YouTube channel:

So, what did I think of the October box? It was just okay for me. There was a mix of interesting products and others that should not even be included in a Birchbox.

This month's theme is Beauty Buzz and let me dive right in:
Dr. Brant - Microdermabrasion Skin Exfolliant - A
 Full size $78
Product link
I was not sure whether I would be impressed with this product since the price tag for a full size tube is just too prohibitive for me. That being said, the fine texture of the exfoliating beads make it a very good product to use several times per week. It does have a very nice lemon scent that is not overwhelming or would linger on the face. Overall, it left my skin silky smooth. But (there is always a but) aside from the scent, it is a dead ringer (dupe) for Mary Kay's Microdermabrasion system ($31). Same texture, same results. So if you want to try a microdermabrasion cleanser, you may want to start with the Mary Kay version as it is more affordable. Still very nice product to try, I did have a few issues with leftover sand like texture alongside my neck line, so my advice is to finish off rinsing using a face clothe to ensure all the product is removed. It is a bit drying (probably because of the lemon). So for me, it's not a Hall of Fame. It is available on the Birchbox site.
Supergoop - City Sunscreen Serum - C
Full Size $20-$42
Product link
Every time I try a sunscreen, I am being reminded to the reason why I do not use them (and I know I should). I just don't like the texture and this one is particularly bizarre! It is rather fluid and odorless, but it also leaves a sheen on the skin, a very pronounced one no less. I felt that it looked just weird as a finish, almost waxy without being tacky or rigid. I just did not care for it. There are a lot of good reviews on the website so maybe I am just too picky but quite frankly, I was not wowed by it. Now it appears that it also comes as a tinted version and I would not mind trying that one.
POP Beauty - Aqua Laquer - B
Full Size - $14
Product Link

First, this is a plumping lip gloss, so it does leave a very tingly, minty feeling on the lips which may be uncomfortable at first. I am not sure whether my lips were all that plumped but I can tell you that it is a beautiful color (flowering fuchsia). The texture, however, is horrible, it is so goopy and tacky, I guess a lot of lip glosses are like that, but this one is really pushing it AND the innovative wand really does not help. Now, for the most part, lip glosses come with either a doe foot or a slanted squeeze mouth piece. For some reason, POP Beauty decided to use a plastic flexible spatula as an applicator. It is so uncomfortable and awkward to apply the product with, I am at a loss with regards to understanding what possessed the makers on that one!
Not crazy about fuchsia?
I like the gloss despite its goopiness, but I would rather use a different applicator. Anyway, I still like the color and the effect, you can find it on the Birchbox website.
Atelier Cologne - Orange Sanguine - B+
Full Price - $60
I really like this cologne, it is very refreshing and truly does smells like fresh squeezed oranges. For some reason though, and after a few hours, it turned on me and started to smell like soap, not in a bad way, but obviously my skin Ph changed the scent. For that reason alone, I would not purchase it as it is too expensive  (200 ml is $155!) for something that would only smell one way at first and completely different after wearing it.  Here is a look at the full size bottle:
Product link
Want to make someone  happy this Christmas? This is a good gift cologne, great as an after bath splash and a bit of luxury. You can find it on the Birchbox website.
Chapstick - 8 hr Hydration Lock - B
I am really not sure why Birchbox thought it would be ok to squeeze in a Chapstick in the October box. I personally did not know what to think of it and thought it was just a good lipbalm, nothing more. We have been so accustomed to luxury and high end brands, Chapstick seems like an odd choice, especially when considering the amazing variety of non drugstore lip balms on the market. But okay, I tried it anyway and yes, it's a chapstick lip balm, it moisturized my lips and stayed put for a bit longer than the usual variety. But really, not a big deal! You can find it here though it appears to be out of stock already! Seriously? I must be missing something here.
Anyway, this was the October 2013 Birchbox, not the worst one ever, but I am getting a bit weary with feeling on the fence about Birchbox. Maybe it's time I move on to Ipsy since I am really looking to sample makeup over anything else.
I hope you enjoyed this review and attached video.

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Sophia, NJ.

* This blog contains affiliate advertising for which I receive a small commission. I am not affiliated with Birchbox or any other brand mentioned in the review above, all opinions are my own.




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