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Birchbox - August 2013 - Full Review

Hi friends,
I am so, so, so very late on the review for the August box, it's almost time to showcase and review the September one! Yikes!
I know that some of you are eagerly awaiting the box reviews, so instead of skipping it all together, I decided to make the time and go through the ordeal of reviewing one of the lamest boxes I have ever received from them! And I mean that ... lame, very, very lame! So here goes:
I received all this rather meager stuff in my August box, I really was not thrilled with it and went something like this: "uh, oh, look like Birchbox is about to be axed out of my monthly bill!" - they are, again, starting to be hits and misses for me, with more misses that anything else, this box, was a big top miss for me!


Miss Jessie's Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo - $14 - F

This shampoo is supposed to be super slippery and perfect for those of us who have very frizzy and unmanageable hair. So I was very excited to try it, then again, I should have known better! When it states "super Sudsy" I should have understood that it was going to completely strip my hair and scalp from every iota of natural oil and it did just that! This was absolutely horrible as an experience: it is so slippery, it feels like snail goo poured onto your head and I could not wait to rinse it off. But I managed to lather it, and yes, it is "super sudsy", I had the stuff dripping all over me...To gage its effectiveness, I let my hair air dry that day, just to see whether my curls would look somewhat tamed, like it says on the package...

You be the judge:

Does it look like the kind of hair you want to be seen with at the mall? I did not think so either...Worst shampoo, ever! like I want to pay $14 to look like this! Definitely will not purchase this shampoo, neither should you, just saying!
Coastal Scents Eye Shadow - Starry Night - Under $10 - B
These were just okay for me. If you are looking for cool palettes to have fun with, you may want to go for these  Coastal Scents since they are relatively cheap and you get a lot of bang for your bucks. But I did not think the quality was all that great. They come out as very powdery and did not stay long on my lids.
And it's too bad because I was really looking forward to trying them. To be honest the white looks like chalk on your face, the only one that I used more than once was the flat/matte gray color, everything else had just too much shimmer for my taste. They're just okay...not a big deal to me. Won't repurchase either.


(Malin + Goetz) - Vitamin e face Moisturizer - $45 - B

Another no big deal moisturizer for me. There is not much of a scent to them, which is a good thing since I don't care putting perfume on my face. I liked the idea of a minimalist packaging but quite frankly, I cannot find a reason for this moisturizer to be $45! It was again, just okay for me. It is a decent moisturizer in that it did the job you would ask any moisturizer, but quite frankly I think Oil of Olay (classic) does the same job. I am not convinced that overtime use would do anything for my wrinkles. I will pass on that one too!

Sumita - Eye Base - $11 - C

I liked Sumita's black eye liner gel pencil, that one I would repurchase. This pencil base however is a useless product. It tugs at your lids and is supposed to be used as both a primer and a concealer. The color did not blend in well and I found myself with the stuff gathering into my fine lines by the end of the day. Now, if you have a pimple or, like me, a few spots on your skin from sun damage or leftover pregnancy mask, it actually does a decent job, but only once you set it with powder....So, basically this creates more work than it is worth...Another lame product.

ARANGARA - Body Lotion - $24 - F

Well, mine did not have any scent in it, even though it says Lemon + Peach on the bottle. It was basically a simple emollient in a milky form, I did not care for it as a moisturizer whether for effectiveness or texture. The fact that mine was unscented did not help...that's a dud for me!
I thought this was a great box when I first opened it....I am now back into reconsidering my Birchbox subscription....Lame, lame box. Thanks for nothing Birchbox!

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Sophia, NJ

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