Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Decoration - 2013

Hi friends,

I love the Fall as it is generally the start of seasonal décor at my house: I only decorate for Fall and Christmas (thus far).
Here are some pictures of my 2013 décor!

I usually keep my Fall decoration centralized to the living room area - otherwise our home begins to look too cluttered. Christmas, however, is a whole other story!


On my coffee table, I keep two identical trays with various knick knacks and pictures...



On the mantle, I keep an assortment of Fall themed items such as the sign reminding us to be kind (and thankful), foliage and pumpkins harvested inside a basket...



On the outside, I always take advantage of the School Mums Sale to purchase a few colorful mums for the front porch...This year, I added some of the pumpkins and gourds we had purchased, a few weekends ago, while apple picking in NY.



And since the weather is still mild enough, I enjoy keeping the front door wide open so that we can gaze at our colorful mums in full sunlight!

Fall décor does not need to be complicated and overwhelming. I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures.
Here is a video showing more of my décor as well as where I found all my knick knacks!
Thanks for watching!

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Sophia, NJ.

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