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Current Look Makeup Review - Revlon, Rimmel,BareMinerals, Yves Rocher, Benefit

Hi friends,

I am starting a Current Look - Makeup Review series...Let me know what you think, the full review is on YouTube as well, if you prefer to watch it!

This is my current look:

Products I am using:
Pure Light - Light & Luminous Foundation


I love this foundation and reviewed it in the past. I am still using it, every day! This is a very fluid, easy to apply foundation with amazing light coverage. It has a semi matte finish that stays on all day. I don't think I will ever try another foundation after this one. Yves Rocher offers a variety of shades with the same formulation, and they are cruelty free and botanical beauty products. Can't say enough good about the company and their line of cosmetics and skincare.

Click the link to purchase and choose your shade:

Pure Light - Light & Luminous Foundation

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This is a bit pricey ($42) but worth every penny of it. I apply it after my foundation on areas where I could use a bit more attention when it come to enlarged pores such as the side of my nose, cheeks and sometimes my chin. It completely finishes my skin and leaves it with a beautiful matte silky finish. I just can't leave the house without it. I strongly recommend you splurge on this product if you want a beautiful professional finish on your skin.
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This is one of those quad eye shadows that looks too good to be true. The colors are beautiful, I swatched them in the store but once I applied them on my lids, I was very disappointed. The shadows have little payoff when it comes to pigmentation, they just sit there and immediately blend into my skin and one another making them difficult to differentiate once applied. While I am not crazy about a lot of contrast with regards to eye shadows, these have none whatsoever and if you look at the picture above, you can barely tell that I applied all four and I did not even use a blending brush.
They are vey subtle which makes them great for everyday/work look, but I really wish they would have turned out just like the ones in the compact...I am not recommending this quad. it is still very affordable though, under $5 at my local store.
Image Source
This is not a good liner. While the color is beautiful, I do not like the brush which is more like a mini nail polish brush - very thin and too flexible. As a result, you need to apply a second coat in order to get a full and darker line. It also has zero staying power, as soon as you rub your eyes, it's gone. This is a complete miss for me!
Image Source
I received this mascara as a sample - the full price is $24 and quite frankly, I would expect better performance with that price tag, not to mention the brand. The brush is way too big and clumps easily, in addition, the mascara itself has a very strong chemical smell that is, to me, not pleasant at all. While it is not waterproof, it does not rub off throughout the day, but it is difficult to wash off and I find that the following morning, I am still working on getting rid of the stuff I had previously washed away the night before. I do not recommend this mascara. It's a miss for me!
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You've got to love ELF, they are so affordable yet still providing good quality. This blush is a beautiful shade of pink with a hint of purple, it looks beautiful on the skin but unfortunately, does not have the greatest staying power if you do not use a setting spray. I still think it is a good buy and would recommend it. Plus it is compact and great for travelling.
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This is a beautiful color and a great formula for a Revlon Lipstick. In the past, I have stayed away from Revlon lip products as I have always found them to be drying and poorly formulated, but this one is just great! It is very moisturizing, the color payoff is beautiful and it also stays on for a longtime. I think I am going to go back to the drugstore to purchase different colors in the same line. Great buy too!

Image Source
I just do not see what's the big deal about this product. It's just a good finishing powder with a hint of an apricot color. Personally, I find that the tub is just too small for most brushes needed for this kind of job and I find that the application process is not saving me time as a result. I also always end up with wasting product. I am not even a klutz, so for me to not be happy about the process, it says a lot. For the $20 I could find something that does the same if not a better job, It's just okay.
And that's all I am wearing for this look!

Thank you for spending the time to read this review.

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