Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vera Bradley Current September 2013 Sales

Hi friends,

Here are some awesome sales at Vera Bradley for the Month of September! With Christmas around the corner, I am starting my shopping ahead of time to avoid the last minute rush!

This weekend only (ends 9/08/13):

Provencal - 60 % off the entire collection

Night and Day - 60% off the entire collection

Tote in Provencal
$49 $34.30
 Side by Side Tote in Night and Day
$68 $47.60


This weekend take 50% off Ellie Blue and Paisley Meets Plaid:

Paisley Meets Plaid - 50% off the entire collection
Ellie Blue - 50% off the entire collection

Mini Chain Bag in Paisley Meets Plaid
$42 $21

Clare in Ellie Blue
$60 $30

More Fall Sales - 30 % off five different patterns now, until 09/11/13:

Fall Sale! Take 30% off Canyon, English Rose, Suzani, Island Blooms, and Dogwood. Valid August 29-September 11, 2013.

Canyon - 30 % off the entire collection until 09/11/13

English Rose - 30% off the entire collection until 9/11/13

Suzani - 30% off the entire collection until 09/11/13
Island Bloom - 30% off the entire collection until 09/11/13

Dogwood - 30% off the entire collection until 09/11/13

Here is a small selection in each pattern:

Medium Cosmetic in Canyon
 Clare in English Rose
$60 $42

Frannie in Suzani
$29 $20.30

 Glenna in Island Blooms
$80 $56 
Carry It All Wristlet in Dogwood

Happy shopping!

Sophia, NJ.

This post contains affiliate advertising. I receive a small commission on Vera Bradley purchases you may make as a result of my featuring them on my blog. I am not compensated for reviews, all opinions are my own.

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