Sunday, September 1, 2013

Franklin Covey + Filofax : September 2013 Inserts.

Hi friends,

I am really sorry about the delay, as you know, I had to be out of town for the week. But here they are, the September inserts!
As with previous months, I am providing you with two sizes to choose from:

Franklin Covey Compact and Filofax Personal.

I received a lot of positive feedback about the botanical print backgrounds, so this September month is similar to last August.

In my previous post I provided an insert you can print on the back of each page (double sided), you can find it here). However, you can print these back to back as well, if you choose to.

Here are the link (please remember than when you view them in Mediafire they will look crooked, but print just fine, follow the crop marks for cutting):


FC September Week 1
FC September Week 2
FC September Week 3
FC September Week 4


FF September Week 1
FF September Week 2
FF September Week 3
FF September Week 4

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Sophia, NJ

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*This site and post contains affiliate advertising. I am not affiliated with Filofax or Franklin Covey, all opinions are my own.


  1. I cannot wait for October's set to come out!!! Thank you for making these available!!!--Julie

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