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Ipsy Glam Bag - September 2014 - Full Review

Hi friends,

So excited to review this month's Ipsy Glam Bag - It really had a few gems in it!
let me start with a quick info: Ipsy is a monthly makeup and cosmetics sample subscription bag (mostly makeup and always one full size). For $10 per month (including shipping) you will receive up to 5 items and a cute bag to go with it.  It is a great way to discover new brands or new collections within brands. Some of the sample come from high end brands, others are drugstore. It's the best of both worlds for a makeup geek like me! You can use this referral link to get your own monthly bag!

Here is the open box video:

The September 2014 bag was all about "Street Style", a bit of chic, a bit of everyday wear. I simply loved it. The bag was a take on the popular Michael Kors handbag line with metal studs and the metallic finish is definitely looking very "Urban" to me. Neat little bag.

1. Briogeo - Don't Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask - A-

Conditioning Mask

Fortified with ultra-hydrating avocado, sweet almond & argan oils, strengthening keratin protein, power-conditioning rosehip oil, soothing aloe, and super hair-essential vitamins B5, D, A, E and biotin. This unique complex of targeted ingredients helps increase hair elasticity and moisture to prevent breakage, promotes healthy shine and luster, and replenishes strength. Comprised of 95 percent naturally-derived ingredients. This product is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, artificial fragrances, artificial dyes, and gluten. It is cruelty-free and contains organic ingredients. (quoted from
I was looking to update my hair routine and this came just at the right time. This sample was actually pretty large as well - I now have short to medium hair and was able to squeeze 3 full uses out of it). It is lightly fragranced but not overpowering, and comes as a thick cream that is neither too gooey nor too gel-like in texture. I found that it applied evenly without having to comb it through and also rinsed well. Overall, it left my hair feeling light yet conditioned and I noticed a difference in my air-dried curls, they seemed to shape faster and stay shaped longer. I would say this is a good product to have on hand as a weekly Conditioning Mask . It would definitely receive a higher mark from me if it were not that darn expensive: $26 / 5.25 OZ.

2. NYX Cosmetics Hot Singles Eye Shadow in Bling (Silver Pearl) - B+

NYX Cosmetics Hot Singles Eye Shadow in Bling

I think NYX is a very good alternative to high end brands in particular when it comes to shadows. Not all of them are perfect but some can definitely compete with the big names out there and this was is no exception. Unfortunately, and after I took it upstairs, I realized that I already own this one - but used it a lot, so I guess I now have a backup. This is a beautiful silver with a tiny amount of glitter. It does not have a lot of fallout, provides good coverage and quite frankly stays on for a long time, without creasing. Basically everything you want from a shadow. I did try it wet as well and thought it did a good job at sealing my grey eyeliner while adding just enough pop that is wearable during day time. And, they are so cheap, at $4.50 to 7.50 per single shadow, why not own a whole bunch. This one is a great choice for a smoky eye since it is highly blendable.

3. Crown Brush Syntho - Shadow & Crease Duet - A++++

This brush is hitting my Hall of Fame! At first I was not happy with the fact that it is double ended and for that reason not easy to store outside of leaving it flat in a drawer or container. However, I have found myself reaching out for it every single day since receiving it. The amazing thing is that I truly thought these were natural bristles - they are not! This is a synthetic fiber brush that is velvety soft, yet very dense. It is perfect for shadow and blending on one side and eye lining, even wet, on the other side. I love this brush so much that I purchased a collection to add to my ever growing one. No joke, these are better than MAC and for a fraction of the cost: you can get a nice blending brush from their site from anywhere between $2.81 and $22 each. Totally affordable when considering the quality and Ipsy gave us a discount code, use CROWNIPSY30 to receive 30% off your order. A great value indeed!

4. Cailyn Cosmetics - Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss in Basic Instinct . B-

Cailyn Cosmetics - Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss in Basic Instinct

I am not a fan of Lip Gloss, I always find that they are too, well, glossy, and never really last all that long. Not to mention the goopiness and the stickiness etc. This one was just okay for me, both with regards to formula and color. It is a nice Apricot, probably looks better on a fair red hair gal or someone with a tan. But when you are in between like me, it sort of blends in and is barely noticeable. It's a good emollient, that is all, and quite frankly at $19 a stick, I can find the same stuff at the Drugstore for half the price.

5. Pacifica Waterproof Eye Pencil in Fringe - B-

Pacifica Waterproof Eye Pencil in Fringe

I am just too picky when it comes to eye liner pencils. They have to glide, be retractable or to the very least easy to sharpen, have a decent cap that won't crack and not be dry. Oh, also with good staying power. This one is disappointing, like other Pacifica makeup items I tried in the past. It is just basic and a bit too dry in that it skips on your eyelid. It stays on for a while, but quite frankly, others are very comparable for less money. I wish Pacifica would just quit trying to market makeup and just stick to their body cream and cleanser line of products (love the Tuscan Blood Orange). $11. (not worth the cost).

So there you have it, my Ispy Glam Bag review for September 2014. It was a very good bag and I discovered a brand I fell in love with (Crown Brushes) and cannot wait to demo all the brushes I am soon to receive in the mail. Stay tuned for more!

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