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Eco Emi - September 2014 - Full Review

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I think it goes without saying that I love how Eco Emi has finally shaped up and resumed great boxes delivered right to my door! For those of you not familiar with the concept, Eco Emi is a sample subscription box for which you pay $15 per month (shipping is included) and receive up to 9 samples (always a full size) of organic and environmental friendly products, whether skin care, cosmetics or food items.
For a while, and I suspect it is because the company was restructuring, the boxes were very lame. However, and for the past two months, Eco Emi is back! And wait until you see the October 2014 box!

Here is the open box video for September 2014:

The September 2014 box was very good, I thought it was in true Eco Emi form, a good mix of fun products and original items I was very eager to try out. The theme this month was "Pay it Forward" and making a difference in the lives of adults with disabilities, why? The boxes are packed and readied for shipping by adults with various disabilities, It's a great way to provide a fulfilling life to often forgotten citizens. Proceeds from the boxes maintain their employment as well. Everyone wins, when you pay it forward!

Eco Emi September 2014 box

1. Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Towel - $10 / towels. - B+

This is an interesting concept. Counter towels for general cleaning that are made of reusable bamboo fiber. They can we washed up to 100 times and are actually quite large. At first I was not too impressed with the item, the availability of these towels in my area is quite limited. But, I found a better use for them: they make very good dusting rags for wood furniture. Having brought back some antiques from our latest trip to Ohio, I can tell you that using these with Sweet Almond Oil (or Pledge , even) makes the job quite fun. They do not scratch and do not absorb so much of the product that you need to reapply. Once I was done with the task, I simply sprayed the towel with more furniture polish and saturated another one with more Almond Oil, then sealed them in a Ziploc bag. Voila, ready for the next dusting task!

2. Green Gaia Essentials - Yoga Mat All Purpose Cleaner Spray - $2.50/ 2 OZ. - C-

Unfortunately, I was not impressed with this item. I do not engage in Yoga, I know all too well it would be good for me. So as a Yoga Mat cleanser, sorry, I cannot help. Instead, I used it as a Linen and general deodorizer and it was just okay. The Lavender scent is faint and does not have much staying power.  I am just not sure that yoga mats require a specific kind of cleaner. That said, it's from an Etsy Shop and I am all about supporting Mom and Pop shops. So if you are into Yoga and your mat needs a pick me up, check them out!

3. The Organic Coffee Company, Zen Blend Coffee - $1.99 / 2 OZ - B+

I am a big coffee drinker (at least 5 cups per day) I guess that makes me somewhat of a connoisseur! This was actually pretty good coffee. In the past, I would find the Eco Emi sponsored coffees to be too bitter or too dark, not smooth and so despite their claim. This one was pretty good. It is not so bold that you have coffee breath until bed time, it is pretty smooth but still feels like a strong coffee. It is made from Central America Arabicas (blend). Fairly traded and shade-grown at high altitudes. A good afternoon choice.

4. Thesis - Organic Eye Serum Lullabies for My Eyes - $19.95 / 1 OZ - C-

I am a big fan of eye serum, I lather the stuff as though my life depended on it. This one did not impress me at all. 

Pampering and rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids, this serum also contains a blend of precious pure organic essential oils of patchouli, palmarosa and lavender which assist in preventing wrinkles, re-hydrating the skin, and promoting cell regeneration. Perfect for damaged skin that is dry and mature and needing repair. Made with pure certified organic ingredients, this highly nourishing serum contains NO petroleum derived substances, artificial fragrances, and synthetic skin irritants.(quoted from

I thought this was a bit too oily for my liking, it just sat there, pretty much all day and made it difficult to apply under eye concealer since the cream would just lay over it and move around. It did absorb eventually but only partially and the patchouli scent, which I love, lingered throughout the day.  I am glad I received a good enough size for travel and have plenty left for our next trip since I would only recommend you use this at night. I can't say it is depuffering and did not notice my eyes looked more awakened the following day. This is another product that is simply a good emollient for your skin for occasional treatment, but quite frankly I can't see myself using it as a routine.

5. I.C.O.N. India oil - $41.50 / 3.8 OZ. - A

It's not often that I get excited about a hair oil. I usually find them to be over hyped, leaving my hair shinny but oily and dingy looking, or very smooth but with no life. This one is very different. it presents as a fluid gel similar in texture to John Frieda Frizz-Ease . However, it absorbs right away and is very manageable, brushable and yes, it is a good detangler. Following one application, I noticed that my hair looked healthier and shinier but without the greasy look most hair oil leave behind. It also smells delicious...In a way that I cannot describe, a mix of oriental nuts and musk. I really, really recommend this India Hair Oil .

6. Stall Mates - Hygienic Wipes - $11.99/ 30 wipes - B+

These are wipes for your private needs. They work great, they are large enough, they are thick enough, they are lightly scented (Chamomile), they are biodegradable and super discreet for the office. Enough said. They work. Get some.

7. Fruit Bliss Organic Turkish Apricots - $16.69/ 12 pouches - A

I was upset when I received this box because I have been on Weight Watchers for a few weeks and really did not want to wreck my lifestyle change. These are exactly the right excuse for relapse and abuse. I mean seriously, how can you go wrong with a dried apricot! These are sun dried and surprisingly amazingly moist. They also retained their natural dried color, meaning that they come out a dark brown color instead of the perfect apricot color one generally sees at the store. They were delicious, I did not abuse and only had three. Lots of Weight Watchers points for a whole bag (about 5) as a result of all the sugar left behind, but very delicious - in an evil sort of way. I could give them an A+, but seriously look at the price and these are not big pouches!

7. The Cookie Department - Vegan Sweet Potato Cookie - $18 / 12 Cookies - B-

I like sweet potato, but I don't like sweet potato pie. This was a decent cookie for me, very moist, but since it is gluten free, I did not find it to be very filling or even all that tasty. Matter of fact, it tasted like water, in a way, as though missing a few key ingredients found in delicious cookies like tons of butter and flour. Not rushing to the store to get me more, especially at that price.


This was a good box overall, I am really glad I was able to discover a new
Hair Oil to rave about, not to mention the delicious apricots. October 2014 is a fabulous box, but that will come up next on MGC Vlog and Blogs.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and watching my YouTube videos! Share the love!

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