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Eco Emi Box - July 2014 - Full Review

Hi friends,

And here we go again with a so-so box from Eco Emi! I am nowhere near cancelation, but lets face it, if you have been reading my blog and watching my videos for a while, you must have been tired of my ongoing raving about how great this $15/month subscription box is. Well, since the beginning of 2014 I dare say it has left to desire with one mediocre box after the other and this one was no exception.
Some of the products in this July box were exciting to receive but not all that exciting to try, so let's just dive right into it:


1. Essential Oil Bath Salts by Oils4EvrE1. 

First, let me start by saying that it took 4Evr for me to be able to decipher the company's name, thus making me feel like an idiot. Apparently it reads as "oils for everyone", well duh then!
These are coming from an Etsy shop (love that) and $5 each bag, which is okay when considering that they are homemade. That being said, I received the Lavender one (pretty excited) but found them to be too lightly scented, further, a portion of the salts never melted in my bath water, thereby leaving a gritty residue at the bottom (not too comfortable when one is attempting to relax). They're just okay for me - will not purchase. $5.

2. Tropical Cookies by Caveman Cookies

I like the idea of a cookie that is gluten and dairy free - it makes me feel as though I am cutting the guilt in half. These were chewy in texture, almost like fruit rubber and pretty good too, unfortunately not filling (I kind of knew that ahead of time) and well, let's just say not sinful enough. $5.95 for a box of 8 cookies. A bit steep but they are individually wrapped, making them great for on the go snacking.

4. After Sun Cooling Lotion by BeeUtifullyOrganic:

I love Etsy and mom and pop shops, I find that it is always a good opportunity to support American businesses and small communities. Unfortunately I found nothing extraordinary out of this $3/jar worth of coconut oil and Aloe. It's a basic emollient you are supposed to put in the fridge in order to provide the "cooling effect". To me, it was mostly coconut oil with not much of a coconut scent. Very basic indeed.

5. Bug-A-Boo! Natural Inset Repellant by Wellinhand:

This was actually quite a treat. This Eucalyptus/Thyme or Rosemary/Vanilla scented tiny miracle kept mosquitoes away from me for an entire evening on my deck. And for a mosquito magnet like me, that is quite a performance. But, it's rather expensive ($11.99 /2 oz) and when considering that it comes in a liquid spray-able formula, I can see myself going through the stuff in less than a week. That being said, if you plan a vacation by the lake or a camping trip, this is a must!

6. Aquatowel by the Aquatowel Company:

These are $2.50 per 5 towels. I really do not use this kind of product so it would be hard for me to judge them fairly. You can put these in the fridge as well. One advantage is their large size so unlike most product of its kind, you do get some mileage out of them and since the individual packages are flat enough, they fit just fine in your purse when traveling. These are unscented too.

7. Diva Stick by the All Natural Face:

Now, here is a bargain for you! $4.80 for a jumbo black Khol eyeliner that is neither greasy nor dry. It glides on beautifully and stays on too. I would recommend this black liner, I found it to be well above the quality of most drugstore brands and for a fraction of the cost.

8. Guatemala Organic and Fair Trade Coffee by Cool Bean Perks:

I am seriously addicted to caffeine, so THIS was a very welcome addition to the July Box. Unfortunately, while I am addicted, I simply cannot tell the difference between beans. There are folks out there who can smell a cup of Joe and tell you whether they were offered Jamaica Blue Mountain or Starbucks Verona. I am not that particular, I just want caffeine if you know what I mean. That said, it was a good up of coffee, a bit on the strong and bitter side for me, but otherwise pretty good. $8.50 per pound so it's a decent price for exotic coffee.

So there you have it, the July Box and again this was just an okay box for me. I wish Eco Emi would pick up the pace and return to more exciting boxes but at $15 per month, I still think it's a good buy and I still love the element of surprise when the box hits my front door!

Here is the open box video for those of you curious to see the products in action:

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