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Ipsy Glam Bag - August 2014 - Full Review

Hi friends,

Let me start by saying that I have zero, none whatsoever, regret about subscribing to Ipsy! Every month (sometimes around the 12th) I anxiously  check my mail box in the hope that my bag has arrived. Now, most of the time, I would swear not to open it until I can shoot an open bag video, it keeps the element of surprise, but quite frankly in almost 8 months now, I have managed that just once!

For those of you not familiar with Ipsy, it is a monthly subscription to cosmetics and skin care samples. If you heard of Birchbox (which I used to receive) it is pretty much the same , only 1000 times better! Your bank account will be charged $10 each month and in exchange, you will receive up to 5 samples, sometimes a full size, of good brands, high end and drugstore + a cosmetic bag to go along. Now, the bags, I find to be a bit small, sometimes I wonder what to do with them, but they always come handy for travel and purse organization.
August 2014 was yet another great bag, check it out:

Did you spot the Urban Decay Mascara? 


This is not for all budgets, at $45 per tube, I find this primer a tad pricey. That said, it has a great formula and is slightly tinted. In my YouTube video, I have a demonstration of what it did to my pores alongside my nose and the result was pretty impressive. Personally I find it to be similar to my Benefit POREfessional (texture, formula and result) so for a few bucks saved, I would rather stick with Benefit's version. B+.

2. Absolute - Lip Balm in Grape ($5.99/two):

This is an interesting product because of the packaging and the price. Ipsy sent me one of the balms (in grape) but they are usually sold as duos (two balms) in this case grape + green apple or Strawberry + Bubble Gum. At $5.99 for two gigantic tins, I think it is a great bargain.  You do get quite a lot of product in the tin, so I can see this lip balm lasting way more than one season. The formula is very smooth, the scent itself is pretty accurate, it offers a nice shine, is not goopey or tacky on the lips. I only have one negative comment about this product, but it is a matter of preference rather than the product itself: I do not use lip balms that require fingers to apply and "recharge", I don't particularly find them to be hygienic and over time, no matter how careful I have, I end up throwing them out because stuff got stuck inside the can and on top of the balm. It's just gross. Really wish they had the same as a squeeze tube or stick version. B+.

3. Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Eye Pencil-Black ($15):

I heard of the brand, but never tried any of their products. I have plenty khol liners in a similar color, so I was not thrilled to receive yet another one. But, this is a very good formula, it glides on well without tugging at your skin, it also works well as an under and below lash line definer. It stays on pretty much all day and is easily removed with eye makeup remover. So I would say it is exactly what it says it is. Just like the lip balm above, I do have a preference when it comes to liners, I just too lazy to sharpen them, so I do tend to lean towards cream liners that require a brush for application (no sharpening there!). It's a good liner, I would recommend it. Unfortunately I think their website was compromised because every time I tried to go on it to provide you with a link, the page would either crash my browser or my computer all together. Check out this link instead. B+

4. Coastal Scents - Forever Blush Duo (in Fresh & Elegant) ($7.95 per compact): 

I really love Coastal Scents as a brand. I just cannot believe the quality of their shadows and blush when considering the affordable (see very low) price. If you are on the market for an upgrade on your makeup colors but do not want to spend too much money, seriously give them a try. This is a duo chrome type blush whereby you can either use one or the other or both together. Individually they are beautiful, together, even better. The formula is a bit powdery but feels silky and applies well, no blotches. It stays on for a good while in particular the golden/Apricot (Elegant) shade which has a hint of shimmer. Fresh is a light pink with a cool undertone. I recommend these. They are cheap ($7.95), they are beautiful, they are good quality. All together they have 18 different shades in this blush collection.  A.

5. Urban Decay - Perversion Mascara ($22):

This, my friends, is the Holy Grail of all mascaras! I did not think much of it at first, thought it was just an okay formula, but with practice and age (that of the mascara) I guess, it just got better and better and I find myself reaching for that sample every day when putting my "face" on! It provides great coverage with one coat, it has a great formula, color is jet black (wishing they had a black brown version) and stays on all day! No flakes, no smudge, no concerns with allergy. Amazing! The brush is a classic thick brush, no gimmicky plastic prongs that poke my inner lid. Really really good. At $22 I find it to be a good value, I probably would pay more for it with no question asked! So yes, I recommend it and will purchase the full size! A+.


If you did not watch the open bag video, here it is:

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