Sunday, May 25, 2014

Makeup and Skincare Storage

Hi friends,

As promised, I am giving you  Grand Tour of my makeup and skincare collection. It is so much easier to showcase my stash now that I have everything organized and categorized by like items.

If you recall, I built this baby all by myself (you may check out the blog and coordinating video series here):

So, without further ado, let's get started with Skincare.

I keep all my everyday skincare products on the shelf above the sink.

Above, I keep my two sets of Yves Rocher day and night creams (Serum Vegetal and Elixir 7.9 ) as well as my skin serums (Palmer Face Oil and Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9 Serum). I do not like to keep a lot of skincare products on hand since they go bad fast and I could not possibly go through an entire jar if I had many to choose from. As of now I am also trying out some Lancome samples, but will talk about these in a separate review.

On the left side of the shelf, I keep all my cleansers, eye makeup removers and skin toners. Unlike face creams, I do like to switch cleansers and find it hard to stick just to one brand. Lately, I have been loving the Lancome Creme Radiance Foaming Cleanser. Though it is a tad expensive ($36), the product itself is very economical and goes a long way with only a drop at a time. (I will also review this product, and others, in a separate and upcoming blog).

In the cabinet I affixed to the wall, I keep all my scents (perfumes, lotions and shower gels). because these require that they be kept in a dark and dry area.

On the top shelf, I keep all the bath related products such as my shower gels from Bath and Body Works as well as some body scrubs.

In the middle shelf, I keep my perfume collection - it is ever expending but you can see that I use ALL of them. There is no wasting here, if you ask me, I could not live without perfume. I go in further detail about each bottle in the coordinating video which you can watch on my YouTube Channel.

In the bottom shelf, I keep all my body lotions. For the most part, they match the shower gels on the top shelf, but I do remain faithful to Bath and Body Works Pink Chiffon collection. I just find it to be both warm and refreshing, it's just the kind of scent I prefer.

On to my vanity:

On the top left side of the vanity, I keep all my palettes and lipsticks.

I found this mail/office sorter for under $10 at Home Goods. It is perfect to keep my palette collection together and protect the packaging from dings and scratches. I guess it goes without saying that I am addicted to Too Faced as a brand. I think their palette are not only innovative, the quality of their shadows is just perfect for my skin Ph and I am yet to be disappointed with any of their products. Here is a little tour below:

1. Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection: a nice assortment of 6 mattes and 10 shimmers. You can divide them into duos, trios or quads. Plus the shadows are infused with cocoa powder (they re not edible, thankfully otherwise the stuff would be gone by now). What does it mean? Every time you open your palette and apply makeup, your senses are awakened by the bitter sweet aroma of chocolate. What a way to start the morning, eh? It just makes me happy.

2. Matte Eye: It's hard to find a palette that is only mattes, this one has a nice assortment of blending and base shadows (three large ones on the right) and 6 colors you can also use as duos or quads.

3. Natural Face Palette: This one is mainly a bronzing and warm palette. I use it a lot in the winter as it gives me a well needed glow.

4. The Secret To No Makeup Makeup Great concept: it's all about giving you that little hint of pink on the cheeks and enough combos of highlighters and concealers to make you look like the original sleeping beauty.

I keep a portion of my lipsticks in this crystal Champagne coaster (why not?) I tend to sort lipsticks by brand and by kind. These are mainly cream lipsticks with a mix of drugstore and a lot of Mary Kay stuck in the middle.

Underneath the shelf, and inside the three sliding drawers, I keep additional lipsticks and other lip products, also organized by kind and brands.
So for instance, and on the left, I keep all manner of tinted lip balms and sheer lipsticks. In the middle I keep mostly Yves Rocher and Mac Lipsticks and on the right, jumbo Revlon lip pencils and Mary Kay Lip Glosses.

The vanity has two sets of shelves (three on each side). On the Left side I keep mainly face and odd products (no makeup):

For instance, in the top basket, I keep my jar of coconut oil, some lip treatment and hand lotions. I also keep a bottle of Lavender Water from Tassot Apiaries, it use it to spray and clean my makeup brushes in between deep cleansing.
My Burt's Bee Facial Cleansing Wipes are also here, I use them on those days I am not wearing makeup to simply and quickly clean my face.

In the middle shelf, I keep all my nail polishes and the tools that go along a good and thorough manicure.
I am not very creative when it comes to nails and only keep purple and pink shades. I don't think I will ever build myself to the courage of wearing blue or green, never mind yellow nail polish!

Lately, I have been enjoying the Essie Park Ave-Hue (part of the Spring Trend 2013 Collection), it's a hot pink with a hint of a cool tone.

In the bottom basket, I keep upcoming giveaway items (hint) as well as my masks and facial scrubs. They are here rather than on the shelf by the sink because I only use masks when I am bathing, and the tub is literally 2 feet away from this basket. I am trying to be efficient here.

Moving on to the right side of the vanity:

On the top, I keep all my makeup brushes, again by kind, so I have a glass container with all the face and concealer brushes, another one with blush and bronzer brushes, a third one with eyeshadows and the last one with all specialty brushes such as eye liner, smudge and other brow brushes.

These little nesting owls allow me to keep my hair ties and clips, earrings, rings etc, compartmentalized. 

And in the sliding drawers, I keep all my finishing products as well as primers (left drawer) and all my eye liners, crayons and mascaras (middle drawer). The right drawer contains all my tools such as scissors and tweezers.

I really like the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray as well as the Urban Decay Eye Potion Primer. Elf also has very inexpensive eye liners that provide good quality and staying power. I would recommend you give them a try. (I use the plum and olive liners).

Since the right side of the vanity is built just like the left side, I have a set of three baskets where I keep all my makeup:
In the top basket, I keep all my foundations and face powders.

Just like with skincare items, I do not keep a lot of them on hand since they get contaminated very fast. The majority of those you see above are unopened - brand new - foundations I keep as backups. I do like my MAC in Light Plus and remain very faithful to my Yves Rocher Pure Light Foundations in Rose 200 and Rose 300. I think they are just perfect for my skin tone and type.

In the middle drawer - this is where I really get in trouble - I keep all my eye shadows.
There are two stacks in separate baskets.

In the top baskets (long horizontal) I keep all my loose shadows, pigments and base shadows. Lately,  I have been enjoying the Elf in Flirty and the L'Oreal Infaillible eye shadow in Burst into Bloom. Both are beautiful shades of iris purple with a hint of sparkle.

L'Oreal Infaillible Eye Shadow

In the bottom basket, I keep all my blushes and bronzers. I am a bit of an addict (obviously) when it comes to blushes. My latest purchases are the Tarte Amazonian Clay in Natural Beauty (a matter finish)  and the Physician's Formula in Happy Booster (Natural - a highlighting finish). 

Physician's Formula - Happy Booster

Tarte - Amazonian Clay

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this tour of all my makeup and skincare items. I am a bit obsessed with pink and purple don't you think?

Do you have any favorite product you fell in love with lately? Comment down below, I would love to hear about your makeup trends.

Check it out on YouTube for more detail on all the products in my collections:

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog.

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  1. Spectacular. You are such an inspiration. I wish I had 1/10 of your energy. I keep trying - sometimes asking myself, "How would Sophia tackle this mountain of tasks?" I think I'm scared of messing things up, so I end up doing nothing. Love seeing a glimpse inside other people's lives/houses/collections - you are definitely not the only one with that "hobby." Wishing you & your family a wonderful summer. I have two boys as well, a little older than yours. Regards, Karen

  2. Thank you Karen…just do it. who cares if its not perfect, I have completed, destroyed, redone and completed the same room over and over again in the past three years, and probably will do it again. It s about being creative and just being you. don't be scared!

  3. Hi Sophie, amazing job with your DIY vanity.

    I was watching one of your videos about cleaning (my husband thinks I'm weird for enjoying "cleaning" video) and noticed that your sons love LEGO!! I just wanted to let you know there are lots of Lego conventions for Lego fans and I think there is one in the NJ area in July. It might be a super fun activity for your adorable boys. Lots of displays and actual pieces built and created by teen and adult Lego fans. Here is the link: My husband actually participated one last year in Seattle called BrickCon and it was an amazing experience. I thought I would pass that information down to you :) Have a great day!! xo Adelle

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