Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eco Emi - April 2014 - Review

Hi friends,

What is going on with Eco Emi these days? The past three boxes were just so-so, the last one was a dud for me and quite frankly this one was not any better. I am really hoping the company does not get too big for its original mission. 
New to Eco Emi? It's a $15 monthly subscription box. You receive up to 7 samples (sometimes more), there is always a full size item - everything is organic, environmental friendly and cruelty free. I believe in the concept and am usually very happy with the products I receive, whether makeup, household or food.
Unfortunately, and as I mentioned above, this was not a great box, there still were a lot of stuff I was excited to try and the box always has a great payoff in that you get more than one you paid for. But, the products were just not exciting this time around, I am not going to say that they were boring, I just was not wowed. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great subscription to have - my opinion of course, I just feel like the company is taking a different direction these days...Still a fan though!

Eco Emi - April 2014

1. HomeSpun Northwest - Natural Eye Makeup Remover - $6 / 3 oz

I was so "excite" about this product since it is almost oil free (mentioned it a gazillion times before, i don't care for oily makeup removers). This one comes as a clear and somewhat soapy formula. The lavender scent is very faint, almost could not tell it's lavender. Unfortunately, and you can check the coordinating video for that, it does not remove waterproof mascara and or liner. I did try it on other types of makeup and it did an ok job, but quite frankly not as good as my Yves Rocher Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes. B.

2. Desert Essence - Mega Mint + Cool Mint Toothpaste - $6.99 / 6.25 oz.

These are the kind of products I like to receive in my Eco Emi box; natural toothpastes!
This Desert Essence Whitening Plus Toothpaste  is made with Tea Tree Oil, a natural antibacterial ingredient, and is Floride , SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate and Gluten free. I love Tom's of Maine toothpaste (especially the fennel variety) and this toothpaste is very similar, enough bam to clean and refresh, without the harsh chemincals. B+
The Desert Essence Tea Tree Toothpaste With Mint  version is slightly different. For some reason I found this one to be a bit more fluid and as a result the sample itself did not feel as powerful as the blue Withening one. It is still a good toothpaste for those of us who wish to stop ingesting chemicals in our products. B.

Desert Essence Tea Tree Toothpaste With Mint

3. All Natural Face - Vegan Edible Love Dust in Cocoa Sparkle - $10 / Full Size

This is the part where I can no longer hide my age. This stuff is just ridiculous to me, an edible face and body shimmer. Why? Seriously, who does that! 
Anyway, being from an obviously older generation (let's just say I was born way before Star Wars came out), I can see how this would be fun for teens and or young debutantes etc. (who uses the word debutante anymore!). This powder is packed with a subtle shimmer, I understand that the vanilla one is a gold shimmer and the cocoa one is a silver shimmer.
My only concern here is that it is made with corn starch and mica. Isn't Mica somewhat like glass? Why would I want to ingest glass powder?  The color itself is barely visible, so quite frankly that was a complete dud for me, in the like of the Shea Butter stink-bomb from the last month review. It went straight to the trash. 
Now, if you have a teenage girl or a young lady at home who wants to have fun, or maybe you were born after the Matrix came out, you will probably love this stuff. But me? No thanks! F. (Yep, it made it to the Wall of Shame).

All Natural Face - Edible Dust
4. Organic Flavrz - Tropical Liquid Drink - $6.99 / box of 6 pouches

This stuff is actually pretty cool and I did not even follow the directions. you are supposed to mix it with x amount of water with various concentration levels depending on the intensity of flavor that you want. I had one glass that was pretty intense and liked it a lot but used the remainder as a spritz drink, just adding a dash to a glass of seltzer water, and it was delicious and refreshing. It's a bit pricey but what a great alternative to those powder pouches (come on, you know the ones) currently on the market. B+. I probably would give it a better rating if it were not for the packaging itself - it's not resealable!

Organic Flavrz - Tropical Peach Drink

5. Honey Stinger - Honey Organic Stinger waffle - $22.24 / 16 waffles.

I know that honey is often referred to as liquid gold, but this price is just way over the top! They are actually cheaper on Amazon (here's the link). 

Honey Stinger waffles

They are actually a generous size and quite filling. The center of the waffle is loaded with honey, so they are not going cheap on this product, it's not honey flavored, it's actual honey inside. It is a good snack to have with a cup of tea. I did find them a bit dry at first bite, but ended up liking this waffle quite a lot. It helps that I love honey. B+. I just wish they were less expensive because I could it them all day long.

6. Ramblin River - Sunflower Seeds - $2.50 / seed packet

That's cool. I would like to fancy myself as a gardener, you know, I scratch dirt in spring and summer and grow a few tomatoes here and there. So to me, receiving seed is a great gift and I know exactly what to do with them too! Sunflower grow tall and think, making them a great natural privacy fence, further, you can keep the flowers as Fall decors and the seeds can be used again to feed the Blue Jays in the yard. It's the gift that keeps on giving! A.

Ramblin River Seed Packet

7. Fortune Cookie Soap - Tree of Life Collection - Bath Fizzy -  $4.95.

This was a freeby item, not indicated on the description card I received! I heard of the brand and received other items from them. I understand that they do a quarterly box with a collection of soaps and other bath products for $19.99/ 3 months and have been thinking about purchasing one myself. 
These bath fizzies are actually pretty neat. They take some time to melt so do make sure you put them in the tub as you start running your water. The scent in this Tree of Life collection reminds me of cut grass, very spring like. I tend to like warmer scents like amber or vanilla, but this one was actually very nice. Plus, it did not leave any green residue at the bottom of my tub. It did require a bit of rinsing but otherwise, not a chore to clean. B+.

Fortune Cookie Soap - Bath Fizzy

As you can see, it was not a great box this month, it was just okay for me. I am still anxious to receive my box each month, it is always a special treat regardless of whether the products are dud or not, at least I am not spending a huge amount of money, and I always find that the pay off is well worth the investment.

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*My blog contains affiliate advertising for which I receive a small commission when you purchase from the links provided. I am never solicited to provide a review for a product, and all opinions are strictly my own. I am a subscriber of Eco Emi  Subscription box and purchased my monthly subscription with my own funds. 


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