Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas House Tour - 2013

Hi friends,

I am hoping you are all enjoying the Holidays. We have been slammed with some serious snow here in the Northeast but that did not stop me from decorating the house. We are now in full gear and ready for the bearded one's arrival!
I love Christmas, it is my favorite Holiday and my decorations take a long time to put together. It is also a work in progress as I continue to add ornaments and/or decorative items every year!

Enjoy the video tour:

Dining room tree - Christopher Radko Ornaments




I hope you enjoy it!

Sophia, NJ

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Thanks for reading and sharing my blog.

Sophia, NJ.




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  1. I think your Christmas decorations are beautiful and your tree looks lovely. By tradition my Mother-in-law always believed you had to take the decorations down by 12th night, but she never knew for sure whether Christmas Eve or Christmas night was regarded as the 1st night! Hence I always take ours down by the 5th January. Have a wonderful Christmas from Lorna and family, North Lincs UK

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