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2014 Filofax A5 and Franklin Covey Classic - Week on Two Pages inserts


I have received requests for personal size as well as planner without designs (flowers etc.)
New inserts will be available January 14, 2013 in both sizes (personal and A5) as well as plain - no designs. Check back by 01/14/14 on my Etsy shop for these new insert versions.
thank you


Hi friends,

There is no better way (at least for me) to celebrate the new year than with a New Planner!
I hung on my Filofax Personal planner for almost one year before making the big leap into an A5 planner. 
My biggest dilemma was to whether purchase a Filofax or a Franklin Covey. Well, finances set that one out for me, and I went for the Franklin Covey Classic. I have no regret because I made a decision based not only on finance but also on practicality:
while I wanted a larger planner (more space to write and bigger - yes bigger rings) I also wanted something that was functional. For instance, the Franklin Covey Boston I chose, is the only one I found with an adjustable strap! The rings are 1 1/8 inches, which is a whole 1/8 more than Filofax and when you love paper inserts like I do, that 1/8 makes a big difference.

This is my new planner:

Franklin Covey Boston Binder

So, to celebrate my new planner, and the new year, I went ahead and made an entire year's worth of week-on-two-pages inserts. These are for both the A5 Filofax or the Franklin Covey Classic sizes (the only difference is the number of holes for the rings).

Winter design

Spring Design

Summer Design

Fall Design

I am still following the same system I had created for 2013 because it worked for me, so why change it. Well, actually, I did add one section: weekly budget.
There are four designs, each per quarter, national and religious holidays (Jewish and Christian) are noted as well.

For those of you who would prefer the same design without the labels, my inserts are also available as blank pages like the one below:

That way, you can insert (write in or use washi tape) your own categories to suit your personal needs. 

Now, last year, I offered my inserts for free, pretty much as a try out and because I was making them on a monthly basis, which was a bother to a lot of my readers who wanted to plan ahead.
This year, I put a lot of work into creating an entire year's worth of inserts at once, and thought it would be only fair to use my work as a way to continue supporting my blog and efforts.

Both are available on my brand new Etsy Shop for just $3.00 as a downloadable PDF.

I also made another set of inserts to go along with these. As you may remember, I print my inserts back to back with notes and project trackers. Last year, I was not making full use of the tracker, probably because of the lack of available space in my Personal Filofax. So this year, I took full advantage of the A5/Classic size and check out what I came up with:

The tracker on the left is meant to look like a series of post it notes. Each has checks for water intake, Rx and vitamins as well as exercise (walk or work out) and a section for short term - daily goals. 
The other side is a large note section which is actually printed graph paper, but for some reason the PDF picture does not reflect that.
This insert is also available on my new Etsy Shop for $0.50.

So, I am not sure how you feel about my charging a small fee for my inserts. If you are offended, I apologize, it surely is not my intention, I am solely trying to grow and support my blog and vlog beyond their existing success and I am well aware that I would be a nothing without you!

Visit my Etsy Shop:

My Etsy Shop

Want to see them in action?

Check out my newest YouTube video:

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog.

Happy New Year,


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* This blog contains affiliate advertising. I am afiliated with Yves Rocher, Amazon, Vera Bradley and Pacifica and will receive a small commission for purchases made through my site links - that is how I support my blog. I am not affiliated with Filofax or Franklin Covey. All opinions and designs are my own,


  1. Ms. Sophia~ I would like to purchase your new inserts but when I went to the Etsy shop only the inserts showed not the "tracker" sheets. I would like to purchase both so that I may print them together. Or I just thought maybe you posted them separate for those that only want the tracker sheet. Im a bit confused. <-- which is a common problem for me. ;) gtmom9306@gmail.com

  2. Your inserts are beautiful! Enjoy them, and your new binder!

  3. Great pages! I've played around with a similar format several times but my pages weren't as pretty as yours.

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