Sunday, August 4, 2013

My scrapbooking Journey from paper to digital and a SMASHbook Haul!


Hi friends,

Did you know that I am a scrapbooker? Scrapbooking is the only hobby I have actually maintained and committed to over the years....In fact, 11 years and counting!

My Mother-in-Law introduced me to the craft back in the days, and probably prior to becoming parents ourselves...been hooked ever since!

Today, I am taking you on a little bit of a journey through my Scapbooking years. This is the coordinating post to my YouTube video where I really explain, in depth, all about my scrapbooking journey...Thank you for watching!

Here are some random pages, from my paper albums - you can look at the majority of my scrapbook pages on my gallery:


After many years of paper scrapbooking, I just could not find it exciting anymore, I guess I had reached a creative threshold and needed to find new ways to spice things up. So I learned Photoshop (on my own, yes I did!) and began a second journey, this time into digital scrapbooking! Here are some of my digital pages:

I like digital scrapbooking because it allows me to feed the creative bug inside of me while remaining cost effective. You can purchase a digital kit - complete with the backgrounds and all coordinating elements - for under $5 and re-use it over and over. Eventually I began to create my own elements as well and the last two above are my own creations, backgrounds, elements etc.

But after a couple more years of strictly digital work, I began to miss manipulating paper, elements and being a more active part of the page creation. I also thought that either types of scrapbooking lacked an interactive factor, in that folks could look at gigantic albums, page after page, without getting much out of it other than simply looking at pictures and pretty layouts.

Check out the video for more!

Last year, I came across a new system called SMASHbook and at first, I was not too impressed as I thought it was targeting high school kids, so I put the idea aside. In the past few months, however, I came across a lot of SMASHbook videos on YouTube and Galleries on the Internet...I was intrigued again and finally made the leap!

I went to Michael's and purchased my first album and a lot of supplies. I did not start creating pages yet - needing to redesign my office and create a scrapbooking space - but will do that very soon....I can barely hold the excitement here!

Here are some of the pages I found on the Internet and provided their source in the link below each picture:

Jennie Garcia

Juliann Shahhin

Altered Fantasy

Scrapbook Savvy

Precious Papers

Layout by Lisa Day available on Jackiep1102

To me, it looks like SMASHbook-ing is the answer! It provides paper and elements manipulation, I can incorporate digital pages AND the viewer can interact with the pages since there is plenty possibilities for pull outs, envelopes, flash cards, tabs, reading prompts etc. Something that was not necessarily available in traditional scrapbooking albums and definitely not at all possible with digital scrapbooking! YES! I am embarking on a new journey and cannot wait to share some of my pages with you!

There is only one drawback: the more stuff you put in there, the bulkier your album because - creating a storage dilemma....But I will think about that later!

Thanks for  liking and sharing MGC with friends and family.

Sophia, NJ

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