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Birchbox - August 2013 - Open Box

Hi friends,
It's that time of the month when I reveal the contents of my new Birchbox!
This August 2013 box is a hit for me, I think this is one of the few times I have received a box with everything to my liking (except for the big mistake at the end - read on!) Check it out!
This month's theme is FINISHING SCHOOL
Don't you just live that Tiffany Blue Box?


There's even a 20% off coupon to Ann Taylor (when you buy 1 item and 30% off when you buy two items!)
Very neat!

So without further ado, let's get started with the contents!

 ******** Birchbox - August 2013 ********

Miss Jessie's Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo - $14

From the BB Site: "The undisputed ruler of the curl universe, Miss Jessie’s developed this silky shampoo for girls with stubborn ringlets, natural kinks, or parched hair [  ] it’s great for hair of all types and textures. It instantly detangles even the most intricate knots, leaving your strands sleek and uber-manageable. "
Now, here is a shampoo I am actually excited about as it seems to be targeting my type of hair. It's just funny to me how we have two ends of the same spectrum now: on one side, the anti suds believers (Wen Shampoos) and now the "super sudsy" shampoos! What is one to do?
Coastal Scents Eye Shadow - Starry Night - Under $10

I have heard of Coastal Scents from other bloggers and on You Tube, but never really looked into their products. Because my August Birchbox card was only printed on one side, I had to go to the original products sites to check out their prices and product description. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Coastal Scents offers eye palette (60+ shadows) under $40! They do not sell quads such as the one above, but their smallest version (the Go Palette) is a close match and under $9!

Here are the selections for the Go Palette Sets... and you can buy all 7 of them under $25!!WOW!

Image Source

This month, I received the Starry Night Collection which is a mix of two shimmers and two matte shadows in shades of gray (I believe they are part of the Cairo Palette Set). I do not usually wear grey eye shadows ( I tend to steer towards purples) but I have to say that these color are very attractive on my pale skin tone. I particularly like the top three colors:  Snow Bunny, Ash Grey and opal black, Sterling has a bit too much shimmer for me.

I cannot wait to try these on and let you know about their staying power. One downside - they are made in China. I am not sure of the quality, and I did find them to be a bit too powdery but we shall see!
(Malin + Goetz) - Vitamin e face Moisturizer - $45


 From the site: "(MALIN+GOETZ) gives our skin an ample dose of vitamins with this daily-use oil-free moisturizer. Its lightweight, antioxidant-rich formula has intensely hydrating properties and provides pH balance for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin."

I have never heard of this brand. From the packaging, it seems to be a no - fuss - Let's focus on the product - kind of company, which is something I like. That being said, and despite the great things I heard about vitamin e as a moisturizer, $45 is a bit stiff for a bottle of vitamin e emollient! And again, that is just my opinion! Here is another sample I am taking with me on a trip out of town at the end of the month!

Sumita - Eye Base - $11

This is a full size product! I learned about Sumita in another Birchbox this year and I was very impressed with the sample I had received at the time (black eye liner). I felt it was an excellent quality product and I guess I should expect the same from this concealer. On my hand, it did seem to provide good coverage, it is a bit too yellow for me, but will definitely try it.

ARANGARA - Body Lotion - $24

So here is the deal here, I go this sample that states it is Lemon & Peach and it is totally unscented. No smell, nothing, not even soap...just unscented lotion. I am not happy because Lemon and Peach sure does sound like a great scent combo! As far as I am concerned, it better perform as a moisturizer! I can't hold Birchbox responsible for that as I do not expect them to take a sniff at all the samples. Obviously this was a manufacturer error, and sure enough, I had to be the one to get it! ah!
So there you have it, aside from the lack of scent in the lotion, I would say this was a great box and to boot, a better box than my August Eco Emi! Well now, that is a first!
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Sophia, NJ

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  1. I like the vitamin E moisturizer. It sucks that the peach and lemon doesn't have a scent though!

    1. Totally does suck, I am really intrigued by the vitamin e moisturizer, the packaging reminds me of Kiel's.

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