Friday, June 28, 2013

DIY Barn Door

Hi friends,

I love my dogs! However, when we are not around, they do tend to create a bit of chaos (think chewing through cushion, gnawing on legos etc.) So, in order to restrain their access to the basement when they are not in full sight, I have decided to build a barn door hence blocking their access to the basement/family room. They can definitely be there with us, but alone? We know better!

This was not a hard project, in fact it took under 6 hours, and since this is all about "my great challenge" I also did it all by myself.

I started by going to the Home Depot to have plywood and pine cut to size.


Unfortunately, I can only say that the Home Depot no longer provides quality services - the young man at the lumbar department did not make straight cuts and also messed up my measurements. Instead of giving me three pieces that were supposed to be 25 inches long, I came home with two 25 in. and one 24 and 3/4 - crooked no less!

 live and learn!

The goal here was to add the pine trims to the larger panels in order to make a barn door design (I was thinking Shaker Furniture).
So I used wood glue and nails and voila!


I added hinges and another strip of pine to place over my door frame (to protect and reinforce it as well).

Here is the final result and I made a video to show you how I made it, step-by-step. I hope you find it inspiring.


Here is the video:

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