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Birchbox June 2013 - Open Box

Hi friends,

So the story goes that for a long time I was seriously considering discontinuing my Birchbox subscription, finding the samples and payoff not that worthy. Not to mention a lot of samples I did not like, care for or already had tried somewhere else. Well, no more! The June box is by far the best I have received in 2013 (thus far) and I am hoping they either keep it up or even better, continue to improve.

Here is what I received in my June box (which by the way, came about one week late!)

They called this one the Wanderlust and is themed after summer adventures with a "beauty travel mash up". It is also named after a Color-Club collection of nail polish. Don't know if you can tell yet, but the Mireness Glossy Kiss is a full size (yes!).

A lot of youtubers have complained about the futility of Birchbox  sending us postcard collections. Personally, I am always looking for interesting graphics and this time around, they did not disappoint by including these ones.

I am not sure whether you can see them well but I find the designs to be very neat and I am actually thinking about framing them for my basement/family room! There is New York (hello), Paris (bonjour), London (cheers) and Madrid (or is it Barcelona - Hola!). I like them all and to me, they are not pointless.

Here are the product samples I received:

Origins - Plantscription - Anti Aging Eye Treatment

Let me start by repeating myself one more time: I am a sucker for eye creams! I will (and probably must have, by now) try them all! I have been using eye creams since I was in my mid 20's and that would be the one step I would never skip, no matter what. I had received a sample of this particular one, way back in the days when I could afford Origins. This is actually a very nice one (and a good size too - 5 ml). It claims to "help visibly repair crow's feet, under eye cross hatching (which for some weird reason I find very attractive - don't ask), crepey lids and sagginess without irritation.  An exciting product to sample again. Full size retails at $43.50.
Origins - VitaZing - Spf 15
Here is an Origins product I have never tried before. I did however hear a lot about it and one of my favorite youtubers (Jen @ the busy bee buzz) swears by it and has been using it for years. Basically, VitaZing is the original BB Cream. It is a lotion, hydrating moisturizer with a hint of color to boost skin's radiance and unify its overall tone. I did not open the sample to show you the color because it was too small and I did not want to waste any. Full size retails at $35.  Super excited to try this. I will be wearing this tinted moisturizer for my Bath and Body Works haul video. Make sure to check it out.
Mirenesse - Glossy Kiss in Scarlett

This is a full size product which retails at $26.50. So right there, my June Birchbox ($10/month) has paid for itself, plus some! I have to say that this is an intriguing product and at first the color and concept reminded my of Origins lip Pencils from back in the late 90's (they no longer make them). It is a fat pencil but it is not dry at all, more like a glide on stick, if that makes sense.
Though the color appears to be orange with a hint of shimmer it is actually more like a pinkish coral and I really like it on my skin tone.

I tried it right away and what can I say, I am in love with this lip gloss! Best of all, you can also use it on your cheeks for a quick touch up. A multitasking full size product...You go Birchbox!
Color Club Nail Polish - Wanderlust Collection in
Pardon my French

There is some serious neon purple going on with this nail polish and despite my apprehension, I actually love the color. I do believe it would look great on toes as well. My first impression is that it came out as a bit too fluid, being that I am not a pro at nail coloring, that could be a problem. Other than that, I do like it. However, the other colors in the same collection, not so much.
(image source)
I just can't see myself wearing neon orange or green and I would not be surprised if the cream color was not looking like white out! That said, this little package above retails at $8 which is not bad for four nail polishes. They are small sizes though, 0.25fl. Oz each.
Folle de Joie - Eau de Parfum
I never heard of Joie as a perfume company. This is a nice sample that comes as a mini spray which is much easier to use than the ones with plugs. The card reads as follows: "A captivating scent with a modern blend of mandarin, rose and sandalwood."
I love anything rose and/or mandarin. It's very floral and the sandalwood definitely is the top note. I can't smell the rose or the mandarin separately, so it is a true blend. If you like woodsy/spicy perfumes that are not too masculine, this would be a good one to try. A keeper for my purse. Oh wait, it retails at $98, no way!
So there you have it, my June 2013 Birchbox. I love every single one of the samples (a first). This truly is the best one I received this year!
Thank you for liking and sharing my post.

Sophia, NJ

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*This site contains affiliate advertising. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. Birchbox did not solicitate me to review this box, I am not compensated to review product samples, all opinions are my own,

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