Wednesday, May 1, 2013

EcoEmi April 2013 - open Box

 Hi friends,

I am so excited to share yet another great box from EcoEmi. This one is the April 2013 box which was delivered to my house on April 27th (EcoEmi ships the last week of each month). For those of you who are not familiar with EcoEmi yet, it is a monthly subscription ($15 - Shipping included) of organic and cruelty free samples. There is always a good selection of cosmetics and skin care items alongside edible and home products.
I just recently joined EcoEmi and have not been disappointed with my boxes (this is my second one). Each month I post about my Open Box (discovery fresh from my front porch) followed by a review of all the items in the box. I really like this system since I love trying new things, only I am not breaking the bank and am also never making a commitment to a full size product. You may want to check my REVIEW tab on top of this page for all my previous boxes as well as other products I love.

Here is what I received in my April 2013 box:

The great news for Spring is that Christine at EcoEmi offered its subscriber a 20% discount on the May box, which will appear as a credit on our bill. Great customer service!
This box had a bit of a theme taking after all the changes from the Spring season, it is all about being inspired to take a deep breath, relax and pamper ourselves. Say no more!

As with the previous box, this one came with everything neatly wrapped either in tissue paper or this lovely sating drawstring pouch. This month's box also contained a square box with an elastic tie.
In addition, most of the products included in this box came with their company's advertising flyer, something I did not get in the last box, which in itself is exciting to me since I like reading about what new and progressive companies are doing for their business. 
1. Shea Radiance - Moisturizing Hair Milk -

This is a very intriguing product to me. This from the card:

"Get easy comb-outs, responsive curls and love-to-touch conditioned hair. Shea Radiance's Vegan moisturizing Hair Milk is nothing like you have ever tried before. This light and weightless spritz conditioner softens, detangles and eliminates frizz. It leaves hair soft and smooth, just the way it should be! Perfect for adding moisture to dry or damaged hair and a great staple for your beach bag!"

This is a very generous sample (59 ml) which targets kinky, curly and wavy hair. I do not remember completing a profile on EcoEmi's site when I originally subscribed but I can tell you that this is right on as the kind of product I would use. I have curly hair that is difficult to manage on day-two without shampoo.  As a result, I always end up with my hair pinned into a bun or a pony tail. I use a detangler everyday (these days I am using Panthene Pro V).

I tried this product right away and it really did help redefine my curls and make them more supple. So far, I really like it. The best thing though is the scent, it is a mix of peppermint and nuts. But the ingredients include Avocado Seed Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and essential oils. The box also came with a matching card and a 20% coupon valid until 06/30/13 when you use the coupon code: ECO2013. Simply visit

Full size is $16.00 for 8.5 oz.

These are the samples inside the little brown box:


2. OluvSkin - Oluv Care Intensive Relief Salve

Here is another interesting product!
"This salve is amazing stuff! It's made from estate-cold-pressed, 100% extra virgin olive oils, medicinal herbs, raw unfiltered shea butter, virgin coconut oil, unfiltered bee's was and lavender essential oil. OluvCare absorbs quickly to smooth, repair and revitalize the most damaged areas: cuticles, elbows, minor cuts and burns. it is effective for diaper rash, great soothing eczema and other skin conditions".
I am definitely going to try this as a cuticle oil and since I recently got a bad sunburn on my face, which is now peeling, I will also try it on my forehead and nose. It has a smooth texture and I can smell the lavender essential oil. very excited to try this!

Full size is $5.36 for 0.25 OZ.


3.  Rainwater Botanicals - Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

This is another great sample to receive. I love masks and have tried Dead Sea Mud packs in the past and was never disappointed with the results. There are a lot of skincare gurus who do not believe in the effectiveness of masks. I personally enjoy using them, I think that they do, for the most part, help detoxify your skin and shrink your pores (just my opinion).
"This mask is amazing and even though it is called Dead Sea, the region where these ingredients were obtained are very much alive! These ingredients are rich in chloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, bromine and various others. This mud is great for all skin conditions and removes excess oil and dead cells from the skin surface".

This is a small sample and there is probably no more than one application here. There is no scent to it which indicates to me that this is pretty much the real - non altered - deal. Very nice!

Full size is $12.00 for a 3 OZ jar.


4. Lauren Brooke - Crème Eye Shadow (shade: Dalhia)

I don't think my picture really gives it justice. This is actually a light shimmery pink eye shadow. I tried to apply it on my inner wrist to show you the shade but it was barely visible. If you use Maybeline's Color Tattoos, this would be a cross between their shades Barely Branded and Inked in Pink. I like cream eye shadows a lot, I find that they have a better staying power than powder varieties, at least on my eye lids. So this is something I am also very excited to try.
"Quick and easy, practical  and in a cute stick container these crème eye shadows are infused with a delicious vanilla scent. Use this crème eye shadow to set your powder eye colors and / or use it as a highlighter for all-day wear."

It does smell like vanilla but I am really not sure whether it is all that necessary for an eye shadow to be scented.
Full size is $9.00
5. Colorganics - Organic Hemp Shine Lipstick
I think we have already established by now that I am a sucker for lip products. This is a full size tube in a sleek black packaging. However, and having tried it immediately, this would be the opposite of the lip balm from the March 2013 box. While the Lavender Belle's lip balm was very slippery, this one is dry and stays that way upon and after contact with my lips. I will review its moisturizing effect in my next review. But so far, I am not impressed with this one. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that it is more than just a lip balm!
" Hemp Shine is a lovely lipstick that can be used alone or applied on top to give more shine to any lipstick. It is also great to use as a lip balm to moisturize and protect your lips anytime of day. Hemp Shine is certified organic and carries a USDA Organic symbol"
Full size is $17.25.

6. Crystal Essence - Unscented Deodorant Towelettes

"Feel fresh on the go, wherever you happen to be. This new crystal-infused, 100% biodegradable unscented towelette offers all the great benefits of crystals deodorant products in a convenient packet. Pop some into your pocket or purse, take them to the gym, on a trip, when camping...and stay fresh all day long. Perfect for anyone sensitive to scents!"

I have heard a lot of bad stuff about ingredients commonly used in deodorants and antiperspirants, so I would say this is something I would be willing to try but as an unscented deodorant, I am thinking this might be too big of a jump for me!

Full size is $2.99 / 6 pack (yikes!)

7. Aura Cacia - Mineral Bath Salts in Comforting Geranium

I am making an appointment with myself this week end just so that I can sample this one! I love bath salts. I am currently using one I had purchased at a Japanese supermarket years ago, I cannot tell you the name of it since it is entirely written in Japanese. That said, bath salts are amazing products as they provide muscular relief, great body scent with staying power without the bubbles and the mess any soapy bath soak would leave behind.

"Add the simple pleasures of aromatherapy to your everyday life with Aura Cacia's amazing essential oil infused mineral bath salts! I love nothing more than a hot bath especially after a long day and these bath salts provide true aromatherapy benefits for the mind, body, and spirit sure to put your mind at ease".

Full size is $ 3.29 for 2.5 OZ.

7. Simply Organic - Gluten Free - Guacamole Dip

This is one of the many reasons why I like my EcoEmi subscription so much: there is always a food sample in the box! I love guacamole, never tried it as a powder form so this will be interesting, but definitely on the menu this week end!

"Just mix with some avocado and enjoy!"

Full size is $1.69 for 0.25 OZ.


I think this box is equal to the last one. I am excited about all the products Christine sent us this month. And but the way, that Hemp Shine? I have been using throughout the entire time I was writing this blog and it is still on, did not bulge, so perhaps I am loving it...we shall see!
Here are all the product samples in the April 2013 box:

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Sophia, NJ

*This site contains affiliate advertising. I am not affiliated with EcoEmi nor I am solicited to review any products. All opinions are my own.








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