Tuesday, April 30, 2013

EcoEmi - March 2013: Full product review

Hi friends,

Before I reveal the April 2013 EcoEmi box (that would be tomorrow's post) I want to provide a fair assessment of the March 2013 box, which was my very first and highly anticipated box.

As you read in the corresponding March 2013 Open Box post, I was very pleased (and excited) about my first box. And let me tell you, I was also not disappointed with the products I sampled (with the exception of one). While some would not be products I would purchase as full sizes, I was still very happy with the overall quality and results from the majority of the samples I received from Christine with EcoEmi. So here is my review!

As a side disclaimer, I am not affiliated with EcoEmi or any of the products I am about to review. All opinions are my own nor am I solicited to write this review. I have included links to all the products mentioned in this review.

Here is another glimpse at the March 2013 box:

1. Theraganics Almond Oatmeal 100% natural soap bar - A-

The fragrance from this soap was absolutely divine. It does help that I love anything almond, whether as a lotion or a shampoo. At first I felt this was a good soap and a very general size too. I used it everyday in the shower for about two weeks so I would say that it did go a long way for a sample. I used one of those mesh puffs (no idea what they are called) to wash and felt the soap did provide quite a good lather too. The natural fragrance also had good staying power. As is, I would give the soap an A for rating however, I did not like it so much towards the end. The pieces of oatmeal started to really poke out of the soap itself and scratched my skin a few times. For that reason I was not able to finish using it as a bath/shower product and moved on to using it as a hand soap instead, which was equally satisfying as a fragrant cleanser. I would not recommend this soap for your face. I did try it that way and found my skin to be tight and too squeaky afterwards. You can visit Theraganics here.
2. Natural Heavenly Beauty - Lavender Vanilla Head to Toe moisturizer with 100% Shea Butter - A+
To say that I loved this sample would be an understatement. I thought this was the best one in the entire box for that month.  The texture comes out very thick, but as I mentioned in the original post, it would  warm up in the palm of my hands to ease application. I not only finished the little tub, I literally scrapped off every tiny bit from the bottom and used it as a cuticle cream. This was a very moisturizing butter, much better than anything I had tried in the past (Body Shop or Origins). It did wonders on my heels and elbows and the sample was actually big enough for three body applications. I can't even find the right words to describe the fragrance other than it was the perfect blend of vanilla and lavender and that the two took turns as under or power notes. Just perfect! I would definitely recommend this brand and specific body butter for a full size purchase. You can visit Natural Heavenly Beauty here.

 3. Blissoma - Herbal Gel Cleanser and Makeup Remover - C+

Well, I was hoping this cleanser would be similar to Origins' Never A Dull Moment (minus the scrub part) and it was nothing like it. That said, I would say it was a good cleanser, overall. It did the job and did not leave my skin all tight and in dire need for moisturizing. I can't say I was all that impressed with it. I think cleansers can be a very personal thing as we all tend to like our own varieties. I know for instance that I do not care for foaming or cream cleansers. My current one (Avalon Organics Vitamin C) is difficult to top because I love the scent and the way it cleanses my skin. I would consider other cleansers though (I like Cetaphil a lot) so I can't say I am partial to my current one. I just did not think this was a great one. As for the scent, it had none. More like a fragrance free soap kind of scent. Not a big fan and I did not finish the sample. So this was the one I liked the least. You can visit Blissoma here.

4. Belles - Lavender Healing Lip Balm - B

There was something very interesting to me about this lip balm: it first applied with some kind of a gritty texture and then would melt upon contact with my body temperature. I thought at first that it was cold in my room and it would change texture once the room temperature would increase, but it did not. Once I got over the gritty texture I actually liked the results. It is a good balm. Maybe a bit too slippery on the lips after a while and I would not recommend it as a night time routine (it did stain my pillow as I am a side sleeper). As for the Lavender, I could not really smell it, it was there, but very faint. Overall I like it as a balm and keep it in my office drawer rather than carry it in my purse. It has good staying power as a lip moisturizer too. Lately however, I have been enjoying tinted lip balms, I guess that is one of the reasons why I chose not to carry it in my purse since it has no tint to it. Still, it is a good one to have. You can visit Belles here.

5. The All Natural Face - Glazed Strawberries Lip Gloss - B-

I love moisturizing lip glosses and slightly tinted balms. This one has a very pretty pink hue that I believe would go well on all skin colors. However, as much as I enjoyed it as a natural product, it had zero staying power. I mean none. Within 30 minutes all the product was gone from my lips and I can't even blame my smacking my lips or "licking' the gloss itself because it did not smell nor taste like strawberries. You would have to constantly reapply it to maintain the shine and color. But, it did have great moisturizing benefits so for that reason I still give it a decent grade. I am still using it on no makeup days when I don't want to look too much like a witch at the supermarket. You can visit The All Natural Face here.

6. Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask - A

I was very excited to sample this mask and made a point of taking a good relaxing hot bath just to be able to experience the sample itself. First the scent - just like the spa:  an amazing combination of clay and natural oils, this product, just from the smell of it, felt like luxury to me! I left it on for over 20 minutes (which is beyond what was recommended) and it did dry in the same way other clay masks would. It required a lot of rinsing. After close inspection of my skin I felt my pores were visibly reduced and my overall skin tone was also more even. And I guess that is all  I would want from a mask. I can't say it was very moisturizing but then again I would not expect moisture out of a clay mask. If you are looking for a very moisturizing mask I would recommend the one I use from Yves Rocher: Intensive Moisture Mask Botanical Hydration. I would say that the quality of the product and the results would justify the purchase of a full size Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask. You can visit Dr. Hauschka here.
7. Home Free - Gluten Free - Chocolate Chip cookies - B-
I had mentioned in my original Open Box post that I had eaten the cookies on the spot. For that reason I was able to provide an instant review. I was not thrilled with these cookies, as I felt they were too much on the dry side and not too chocolaty! Yet, I would never turn down a cookie. So while I am not sure I would buy these on my own, I would probably eat more if given the occasion. It was also the first time I ate anything Gluten Free so perhaps I reacted to that more than to the actual quality of the product. You can visit Home Free here.
8. Teatulia - Bengal Breakfast Tea - C-
 This is another product I tried right away and along with the facial cleanser, it was one of my least favorite sample to try. I have mentioned in other posts that I am a tea drinker (mostly Teavana and other loose teas) and this one did nothing for me. It was too weak and not fragrant enough. I did like the quality of the packaging and the fact the leaves were obviously of good quality. Other than that, I really was not trilled with it. You can visit Teatulia here.
9. Rockin Green - Smashing Watermelon Laundry Detergent - B
I use cheap detergent and sometimes I even make my own. So this felt like a bit of luxury to me. It does smell like watermelon when you open the package (this is not a liquid detergent) a bit more like Kool-Aid. I used it on a medium size load of my kids clothes. I did not see anything outside of the ordinary with regards to cleanliness. This product simply does the job. But, I was disappointed that none of the scent stuck around and the clothes, whether wet or dry did not smell like "smashing watermelon" afterwards. So for that reason, I only give it a B. It was just a detergent to me. You can visit Rockin Green here.


Overall I would give the March 2013 EcoEmi box a rating between B+ and A-. While I enjoyed using all the products, I felt some were disappointing in one way or another, but it was still exciting to try them because of their originality, packaging or scent.
If I was to compare this box with the usual Birchbox I also subscribe to, I would say EcoEmi wins this March 2013 round. (You can read my Birchbox March 2013 review here).
I really think it is a great idea to have a sample subscription reserved to organic products. First it raises our awareness that there are alternatives out there. Second, I thought all these products were very creative (aside from the tea) and I really wish the cosmetic industry would start to get the idea here that traditional makeup and skin care are getting boring.
I hope you found this review helpful.

Thank you for liking and sharing MGC with friends and family. You can find me on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE.

Sophia, NJ

 *This site contains affiliate marketing. I am affiliated with Yves Rocher and would receive a commission should a purchase be made. I am not solicited to feature their products, I chose those I use, know and trust. All opinions are my own.


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