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April 2013 - Birchbox Review

Hello friends,
Before I unveil my May 2013 Birchbox, which I received on the 15th this month, let me go over all the goodies from last  month.
This is what I received for the April 2013 box:
Overall, I thought this was one of the better boxes. All the products were exciting to try and I would have to admit that, had Birchbox not made an effort with the last two boxes, my membership would be history.
For those of you who may not have read my previous Birchbox posts, here is a quick recap: Birchbox is a cosmetics and skincare subscription ($10/month, shipping included). The girls at BB pick new samples each month which you receive shipped directly to your door. Over the first 4 months of my subscription I really was not impressed with the products I had sampled and felt cheated a few times when comparing mine to other boxes several bloggers had received (bigger, better). However, the past two and soon the reveal of the third box have proven that BB could actually be a great deal for those of us looking to try new things without committing to full size.
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April 2013 Birchbox
This box was very good.  For the most part I enjoyed all the products and was not disappointed with the quality or selection. So here is my review:
Nexxus - Rejuvenating Serum - A-
This was a good sample size which lasted 2.5 applications (I have curly, mid length hair). The product comes out as a typical milky serum and I have to say that the scent was very refreshing, a mix of flower and fruits.
As a serum, I felt that it actually did a good job at separating my curls and leaving my hair supple throughout the day. I would recommend this product for those of you whose hair tends to be frizzy and unmanageable. The one thing I did not like (outside of the full size price of $20.99) is that the product itself tends to thicken your hair a bit too much, so once you brush your curls out, you end up with this mass of hair with curls that won't bounce back (if that makes sense). So for that reason - lack of longevity - I am giving it an A-. That said, should I find myself with a good discount or coupon, I would probably purchase this product.
 Skin & Co - Sicilian Body Gel - B+
I prefer cream base body washes since gels have a tendency to dry my skin. When you first unscrew the cap, it smells nothing like oranges, instead and as mentioned in my previous post, it smelled more like French Savon de Marseilles, which in itself is not a bad thing. However, once in the shower and provided with a good squeeze/rub on a wash rag or mesh scrunchy, the orange scent is released and I would say this was a nice fragrance to use in the shower. I did not think it was too overpowering and unfortunately, it had no staying power. For that reason I am not giving it a higher score. As for the cleanliness factor, it does the job and my skin did not feel dry after using the gel. It is a nice cleanser but I would not purchase it on my own because it is too expensive ($17.50) for what it is and I can't say this gel is above the crop.
Stri-Vectin -SD Eye Concentrate - A
I was super excited to try this sample since I am a big fan of eye creams and am always looking for a new one to try. First, the sample size was pretty big for an eye ream, so much so that I still have some left and I have been using it pretty regularly every night. It does not have much of a fragrance, which is a good thing for an eye cream, and comes out as a relatively thick cream. I can't say that one month of use would lead to great results but I did notice a reduction in fine lines around and under my eyes. Deep lines, however, remained the same after one month of us. This is another pricey product (full size is $65) and I would have to wait for a sale or coupon before purchasing it.
Weleda - Body Lotion - A
I am familiar with this line of body lotions, having received many samples in the past from my local Whole Foods Market. This is a good, fluid and non greasy lotion that penetrates well and is very fragrant with great staying power. I applied each one after my morning shower and was very pleased with the hydrating results. However, not all fragrances are to my liking and I guess this would fall under individual preferences. For instance, the Wild Rose is my favorite one, the Sea Buckthorn is also very nice and more of an amber/honey and sandalwood undertone. Unfortunately, I did not care for the Pomagranate. It may sound weird but to me it smelled like tomatoes. These lotions retail at $16.50 full size. I think it is a fair price for the quality of the product as well as the intensity and staying power of the fragrance. Again, scent is a personal thing and you may find that Pomagranate is more within your own taste. You can reach out to Weleda's website to ask for samples or, you can purchase a Body Lotion Kit for $13.50.

Youngblood - Anti-Shine Mattifier - B
 I have combination skin and tend to be oily around my chin and nose. So with warmer outside temperatures on their way, I was ready to try this product. It comes in a paste you would apply to your skin using fingers or a concealer brush. Overall, I would say that it does the job at keeping your skin matte as well as diminishing pores. When combined with loose mineral powder it can be used as a great skin primer as well. There is only one thing I did not like about the product: I wish it came as a lotion rather than a paste. It is pretty thick and I would be concerned that it would clog pores with repeated use. For that reason, I would only use this for those occasions where I know there would be pictures taken and I don't want to look like I spent hours by the frying pan.

This was, by far, the best box I have received. All products received good grades from me and there are a few I would consider purchasing for myself. It looks like Birchbox is keeping me as a customer with this box!

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog.

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Sophia, NJ

* This blog contains affiliate advertising. I receive a commission from the purchase of items advertised on my blog but I am not solicited to review any products. I am not affiliated with Birchbox. All opinions are my own.


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