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Ipsy Glam Bag - November 2014 - Full Review

Hi friends,

You know I love my Ipsy glam Bag and am so glad I cancelled Birchbox in exchange for this little gem!
Not familiar with Ipsy? It's a makeup/skincare monthly sample subscription for which you only pay $10 (shipping is included). If you love makeup and skincare products, love to try new things but do not have the wallet for it all...This is by far the best solution. Every month, you get your makeup fix without breaking the bank and quite frankly, their worst bag was still a great bag. So win-win!

Here is what I received in November 2014:

November 2014 - Ipsy Glam Bag
Let's start with the bag - a really cure, and actually wearable as a quick wallet, silver glitter pouch with a hot pink zipper and pull. I am always wondering what I can do with the monthly pouch (they are all different by the way) and find that they make great purse organizers or as general de-cluttering tools (for instance, I keep all my paper clips and binders in one, neatly stashed away in my desk). On with the review:

1. Marc Anthony True Professional Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hair Spray, 9 fl. oz - $29.95 

 I am not a big fan of Hair Spray I always find that they leave my hair in helmet style with no manageability. Quite frankly, this was no different. I put my hair in curlers and set them with this Argan Oil spray, it held my hair in shape for the entire day, but I could not brush it off before going to bed, resulting in breakage and my having to wash it off the following day. It sort of defeats the purpose for me, I like the idea of a hair spray keeping the frizz under control but also allowing meto skip daily washing. This is just not supple enough and the amount of Argan Oil is so small, I really cannot see the point, never mind trying to justify dishing out $30 on a can of spray I will not use all that often. It's just a matter of personal preference I guess, so as a result, this did not pass the bar and I am reserving a low grade for it. C.

2. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer - $24

This is another product for which I have mixed feelings.  First the price, I am sorry but even though a concealer such as this one will last you the entire year, it is still steep. Second, I received a medium coverage which is good for my skin tone but the stuff is so opaque and thick, you just cannot help but noticing it. It is very waxy and just hangs there all day. Which is great when you really have dark circles, my issue with it is that by the end of the day, the rest of my makeup would have somewhat faded away but not this stuff, so I ended up looking like, well, I was wearing a ton of makeup. Again, and like hairspray, concealers are very personal, you either use them or not. I might need coverage for a blemish here and there, but I do not have dark circles. I would use this in a very tiny amount just to highlight around my eyes but you need to be very very light with this product, it does offer some serious coverage in the like of Dermablend. Some ladies swear by it, I can see why. It is simply something I would not use enough throughout the year to be able to provide a serious review. That being said, I thought it did a good job at covering dark spots and other ginormous freckles on my it's not just for under eyes. B.

3. J Cat Long Lasting Wonder Lip Paint - $6.95

Oh my! They are not kidding, this is PAINT! The stuff is not going anywhere! I received this lip stain/lip paint in Red Potion, which and at first, I thought would be a good color for me. Unfortunately, it provides such a full coverage, it turned out to be too dark, and almost unwearable for my taste. So I will have to pass on the color. But, the formula is actually very good. Applies nicely, good coverage, good stay, not too tacky, not gooey. A good lip stain. Overall, I give it a B. I would not mind trying other and more flattering colors.
I am trying to wrap my mind around the idea of anyone picking either the blue or the green one as their lip stain of choice though.

Other colors available in the J- Cat Long Lasting Wonder Lip Paint

4. Sea RX - Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion - $32

This is from the Sea RX website: 
"It delivers minerals, oligoelements, and sugars combined with birch sap to smooth and strengthen skin while providing long lasting moisturizing effects.Maintains a healthy glow while providing a degree of protection from sunlight."

So, it sounds pretty intriguing. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a basic and very fluid moisturizer. It has the texture of a serum and while it penetrates well and in fact does not leave a greasy residue, I really cannot say that this is the Holy Grail of moisturizers. Pleasant scent (possibly grapefruit or other citrus). It was just okay for me. B-.

5. Starlooks - Gem Eye Pencil in Ultra Olive - $17

Image Source

I have paid more money on high end eye pencils that did not nearly provide as good a result as this one. For those of you who feel this is a splurge on an unnecessary item, I cannot recommend it strongly enough. I received the Olive one (featured in the middle) and while it looks as though a pale almond green, it is in fact quite pigmented and much darker. This eyeliner is loaded with shimmer, so I guess it is not for everyone, but looks stunning on brown eyes and as a an eye shadow as well. The added sparkle makes your eye pop open and it is very long lasting, pretty much lasted all day for me. It is also easy to use, a good texture, not too dry, not too waxy. Applies on easily, basically goof proof.  Really fell in love with this pencil and will consider purchasing more. A.

So there you have it, my Ipsy Glam Bag review for November 2014. I thought that overall this was one of the lesser bags this year as I was not wowed by any of the products, aside from the gem eye pencil. I am hoping December 2014 is a big WIN!

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