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Eco Emi - November 2014 - Full Review

Hi friends,

I just cannot stop raving about my Eco Emi subscription box and am so glad the team has finally moved the quality and content of the boxes back to its original standard as well. This month's box, aside from one item, was a super win for me!
If you are not familiar with Eco Emi, the company provides a monthly subscription to beauty and food samples from organic, environmental friendly, cruelty free and Vegan companies. It is such a delight to discover, each and every month, brands I have never heard of and would not be able to sponsor if it were not for Eco Emi's concept and selection. You only pay $15/month, shipping is included and will receive up to 9 samples, always a full size included. Eco Emi is now offering smaller boxes and boxes that are customizable (all food, only makeup or simply cleaning products, you get to pick what kind pf box you want) so I am truly encouraging you to visit the website to find out more!

Eco Emi - November 2014

 November 2014 was a great box, I received 9 items - 4 of them are full size!

1. Cisse Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon Hot Cocoa $41 / 10 bags

Image Source

Yes, I agree, it is very expensive for hot chocolate. However, this is not your run of the mill afternoon hot cocoa, this is the kind of deluxe stuff that makes you feel oh so decadent, as though you are indulging in something forbidden (you know the feeling) - it does feel very sinful. First, I received one package and that was plenty to fill two mugs. This is packed with not only the actual cocoa powder, but also bits of chocolate as well, which did not melt all the way through and left a gooey fudge like mix at the bottom of my mug, I was all too happy to scrape off with a spoon. This is delicious hot chocolate. If you find it too expensive, have it gifted to you, trust me, this is good stuff! A.

2.Veggie-Go's - Fruit and Veggie Strip, Sweet Potato Pie - $25.80 / 20 packs

Image source
Fruit Leathers are not my snack of choice. It is not that I do not find them either delicious or nutritious, I just don't find them as appealing as the actual fruit and they are also not filling at all. These are particularly expensive for what you get in this tiny package. I get it that is GMO- Free, Organic etc. Basically as healthy as can be and the next best thing to the real fruit. But, while they are good for you and taste actually pretty good too, it is really not something I would reach for, never mind the price, I think it is just mind blowing anyone would spend that kind of money on tiny strips of dried fruit and they are tiny, I could eat all 20 in one sitting and for that reason alone, I will stay away from them. That being said, they are delicious so I still have to give them a relevant grade base on the quality and taste: B

3. Skout Organic Trailbar, Apple Cinnamon - $28.87 / 12 bars

Image source
Can you believe the price on some of these organic products? This is one of the complaints I had about this month's Eco Emi box, it seemed that all the products were out of hand regarding pricing. THIS one is really pushing it though: that's $2.40 per bar! 

Yes, it was delicious and also quite filling but still, way too expensive for me. Overall, this bar had a good texture, I liked it better than the Soy Joy from last month. If I were to rate it solely on taste and quality: B+  but when including the price: C.

4. Coastal Scents African Black Soap - $3.95 / bar

Image Soure
I don't even know where to start with this product so let's address the texture first. It has the coloring of a granite counter top, an amalgam of colors and chunks which have been pressed together to form some kind of irregular soap bar (truly is the best way I can describe it). It really does not look appealing at all, more like what grandmas used to do with all the leftover soaps around the house, pressing them into a new bar of soap, so you could see the leftover Zest pressed into a quarter size of Dove and more Glycerin type soaps around it. Can you visualize that? Okay, let's move on to the scent:
This has the same exact scent than a road kill on a hot summer day. Mind you the same road kill met its demise on a freshly tarred road where rubber tires have been worked to a screeching burn. Get it? It STINKS!
Supposedly, African Black Soap is ideal for acne prone skin (I can see how no bacteria would survive this stuff) as well as other skin conditions. I know a lot of folks swear by this stuff but I am sorry, I just could not get past the smell so it went straight to the trash and directly onto my Wall of Shame: F. Next!

5. Skin and Co Roma Sicilian Light Serum - $47 / 1 oz

Image Source

A bit pricey, but then again, all Serums tend to be. It has good reviews on the web, supposedly reduces dark spots on face and absorbs very well. Unfortunately, my sample came practically empty and I only was able to enjoy one use. It did absorb well, did not leave a greasy film on my face and mattified it a bit. I was not crazy about the scent, a mix of floral and plastic (weird). So because I was not able to use this product as much as I love serums, I simply cannot give it a grade.

6.  Lash'Em - All Eyes on You Eyelash & Brow Enhancing Serum - $33.98

Image source
 I really do not think the tiny sample I received was enough to make a difference on my brows and lashes with regards to growth and or thickness. Sadly, I used products like this one in the past and was never able to really see any kind of difference in those areas. It also has mixed reviews on the web, some ladies said it made a great difference in the softness of their lashes, noticing that they also were not falling off as much. Others felt it made zero improvement.  I think you have to have issues with follicles being damages and lashes being brittle in order to notice any kind of difference with you use a product that is conditioning and straightening, for the rest of us, it probably does nothing more but condition, something a good eye makeup remover can do. The price is prohibitive, if you ask me. I also felt the brush was just too small (smaller than an eye liner brush) which required many applications in order to get the products onto the entire lash base. This is not an essential item for me, at least not at the moment. C.

7.  Muchie's Skin - Scrumptious Body Butter in Lavender Lemon - $38 

Image source
Made with Shea Butter, Goat’s Milk and natural essential oils this is a fabulous and I mean FABULOUS body butter. It smells wonderful, is very thick and applies very well. This is the kind of stuff you want to lather onto your body before going to bed. It is not greasy like many other body butters (a plus when you have clingy pajamas - it's small details like these that make a difference). I have never heard of this company before and am now so psyched about this product, I want to try everything else they make. This body butter comes in other scents including Milk/Honey, Coco/Mango or Cucumber/Melon, they even have an unscented variety. Check out their website and let's support this small American (YES) family run business, straight from Florida! A+

 8. Veda Company - Tea Light Candles - $30 / 15 candles

Image source
 It is hard to resist the cuteness of these candles! I received two tea lights (Topaz and Emerald) as part of their Jewel collection. Dare I say they are overpriced? $2 per tea light? But then again, these are soy, all naturally made, wonderfully scented, they actually last longer than the average bazaar tea light candle, so why not splurge and keep the tin for storing tea?
Really a good product, though I admit I was skeptical at first. Their website is also stunning and the Veda Company offers more than just candles, I might also try their teas. B+ (It would be A if it were not for the price).  

9.  MEDUSA'S MAKE UP Lipstick - Baroque - $12

Image source
I may have found the Holy Grail of all lipsticks! I kid you not. Let me start with the formula: smooth, glides on, not tacky, smells great, wonderful coverage that is sheer enough and therefore can be layered. It feels more like a balm than a lipstick.
The packaging is adorable, a matte back finish with a  carved rose on the top (that is serious packaging right there, not a gimmick).
The color I received is Baroque, a blueish red very similar to Lipstick Queen Jean I love, love, love this lipstick and now I want them all in particular Triple X and Lolita (featured below)!

Image source
I have had nothing but compliments each time I wore this lipstick, so just go ahead and take my word for it, get yourself your own "Baroque" makeover! A+

So there you have it! My full review for the November 2014 Eco Emi box - what a great box that was, I discovered two new hall of fame products (Medusa Lipstick and Muchie's body butter). It was a great box indeed (aside from the soap disaster) and I can't wait for my December 2014 box!

You can see the full open box video here on my YouTube Channel, including a swatch of that fabulous Medusa's Lipstick:

Thank you so much for reading my blog and watching my YouTube videos! Share the love!

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