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Ipsy Glam Bag - June 2014 Review

Hi friends,

This is my review for the items I received in the June 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag. For those of you not familiar with Ipsy, it is a monthly cosmetics sample subscription for which you pay $10 (shipping included). Every month, Ipsy will send you up to 5 deluxe size items (there is always a full size). I really like Ipsy as it helps me curb on my makeup spending, not to mention discovery new products and brands at a really low cost.

Ipsy Glam Bag - June 2014

1. Mark Anthony - Dream Waves - Beach Spray: This is another one of those sprays that is meant to give you a "just came back from the beach" look, aka salt spray. I like the look but hate the feel. This spray smells divine (coconut) and while it did do a good job on tousled hair and maintained the look throughout the day, I needed to wash my hair on day two. This has some serious hold and my hair was not manageable after that. So I would say this is good if you want a one time look only. I don't think I would purchase this on my own. $8.99

2. NYX Butter Gloss - Crème Brulee: This is a "small enough to toss in a wristlet" gloss but don't be fooled by the size as it packs on serious results. I love the formula for this gloss, glides on beautifully, not tacky yet rich and moisturizing. Only one drawback: I am not crazy about the color I received as I find it to be too pale/nude. That being said it goes very well on any other lipstick for a quick moisturizing shine. $4.99

3. Be a Bombshell - Mascara: RUN, yes, RUN but in the opposite direction. This mascara is awful! It is nothing more than a generic formula (clumpy, flaky) with the worst smell in the world when it comes to cosmetics: burnt plastic and crude oil. Who wants to put THAT on their lashes. I sure did not, I tried it once for the sake of this review and trashed it immediately afterwards. $8.99

4. Ofra - Eyebrow pencil - Dark Brown: excellent formula not too waxy yet not dry. It matches my brows as if it was made for me AND it stays on all day. I strongly recommend this pencil. $13

5. Real Tree - For her - Eau de Parfum: This is a very nice summer scent, a bit of floral a lot of citrus. Smells fresh and cooling. Neat. I like it. $24.99

So, aside from the heinous mascara, this was a pretty good bag. The pouch itself is also very pretty and designed by makeup artist Rebecca Minkoff.

Here is my open bag video for those of you who want to see a demo of all the products mentioned above.

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