Friday, March 23, 2018

Week-In-Review - March 23, 2018

Hello everyone,

Thank you for stopping by to check the latest happenings in our crazy busy lives. Here is a recap on the past week, filled with excitement and great results.


Saturday morning was for pampering and lots of attempts at denying my age. I tried one of the masks Denise (DeeLovelyLife) sent me (
L'Oreal Purify and Marify Green Clay Mask). It actually was really good. It felt very cool at first and dried to a crust but did not flake or pull my skin. I recommend it!

Never afraid of looking utterly ridiculous!

I was asked about the nail polish I have been wearing in the last few videos: it is OPI in Not So Bora Bora-ing Pink. I really like it. It is a soft pink with a hint of opalescent sheen. Not over the top glitter or Unicorn dust on this one!

At this point I just don't know what to do with my nails anymore, they are a complete mess. Brittle, splitting, dry, breaking in vertical lines. I made the mistake a few weeks back to get a back to back gel manicure. My manicurist used the electric rotary file to prep my nails. All she did really was remove several layers of nail bed. And for what? Pretty nails for 2 weeks followed by six months of disaster! Don't do it. Seriously, just don't do it. 

Then I spent the day building a frame for the laundry room windows. (You can watch the video 

I can't say it is the best job I could have done. I just wanted to get this project out of the way. I must admit I am more interested in making the laundry room more pleasant to use for either ourselves or guests. I always found myself awfully embarrassed when people would go and use the toilet down there. Mold, peeling paint, concrete floor, duct tape fix'it'fast...etc. The way I look at it now, while it is still obviously not a finished room, at least it's not a dungeon you can't wait to get out of. 

Anyway, there was no movie night on Saturday because we had to wait for a certain someone to return home. 

Edward returned from his trip to Washington DC. This was a class trip reserved for his music group/band/choir. Interestingly, though not surprising, every single one of them not only did behave but when provided with a free day on Friday, spent it browsing the Museums. To be honest, there is not a lot of shopping to be done in DC (unless you go to Georgetown). 

Edward and his group of friends landed at the 
Newseum and the Smithsonian American History  where they spent most if their time browsing the WWI and Cold War rooms. 

So he returned exhausted but with great memories. On their last day, following their music clinics, they visited the 
National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. where he found this cute collectible glass Dolphin (it glows in the dark too!) 

I count my blessings each and everyday. It is hard to raise kids in today's world. They are pulled in all sorts of directions, faced with conflicts and societal pressures like no other generation before them. I am proud of my boys. 


More delusional and grandiose planning ahead! But the kitchen is clean!

We are still doing the rounds of the local R.C Churches during Lent. Sunday service was at Our Lady of The Lake in Verona, NJ. 
Another interesting sermon about the grain of wheat which much die in order to give life again. A parable for the Resurrection. It made me think of bad habits which must die in order for new habits to stick. I am not there, probably stuck between life and death actually. I always knew I was some sort of Zombie anyway. Definitely what I look like on Monday mornings, if you ask Scott!

I finished my window frame with painting and making curtains out of drop cloth. (You can watch the video HERE).

I know it's not much. I am just trying to channel a farmhouse look and eliminate the dungeon feel of what will always be an unfinished part of the house. 

Sunday night was spent quilting! I am currently working on three projects. Two are from the quilt along from 
Quilt Along with Pat Sloan. They are free patterns. This one is called In the Summer Time. This is the one quilt I am making for my sister.

This quilt runs for 20 weeks (One block per week). I am actually behind two blocks at the moment and plan on catching up this coming weekend. 


We prepared ourselves for yet another huge Nor'Easter. So of course I made soup! This is another version of the Negative Calorie Soup (My video recipe is 
HERE). What it means is that it takes more calories to burn and digest the soup than the actual caloric value of the soup itself.


The exciting news was that Edward had his State Concert Band Competition and his band won Gold (again)! We are Princeton bound for the NJ Concert Gala sometimes in May. This is one of their performances:


So we did get a big snow storm - We all had a snow day and stayed inside puttering around. Overall, 11 inches of wet heavy snow was dumped on us (not as bad as the last storm which yielded 18 in.). And the following day it was back to normal with temperatures in the upper 40's.  Go figure! By Friday, most of it had melted away. 

I spent my snow day quilting  and catching up with the red quilt I am also gifting (I can't tell you who the recipient is just yet).

I used to scrapbook a lot and have not done it in a long time. I guess due to the mountain of slides, negatives, photos on paper or digital I have to sort through. Another long overdue project of mine. Quilting gives me immediate results. I am nowhere near being a pro or even to be considered good at it. At least I don't see myself there yet. But I do find Quilting very therapeutic. It provides the "me" time I longed for and need. 

So that just wraps it up for the week. It was indeed busy.

And now for more great news! On Monday we are expecting a truck to arrive at the house and deliver more family heirloom and furniture from grandparents three times removed (think 1860s). We are super excited and I can't wait to show you the new family treasures!

Thank you for spending the time to read about our week. I hope you continue to find these weekly updates interesting.

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  1. Hi Sophia,
    I really enjoyed reading about your week! I live just outside of Buffalo, NY. We still have quite a bit of snow on the ground. I think I have the same planner as you. I would love a video or blog post about how you set yours up. I am having a difficult time finding ant inserts. I do not care for the ones that came with it.


    1. Try sewmuchcrafting. She has good inserts already printed that is what I use.

  2. Your quilts look beautiful. I love watching you create them. Making a quilt is on my bucket list and when I get ready to do it, I'm going to follow your videos.

    I'm glad Edward had a good time on his trip. It's nice when kids actually like learning new things.

    Can't wait to see your new treasures! That's super exciting!

    Have a great week.

  3. Thank you Sarah. The red quilt is completed and ready for gifting. video coming soon!


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