Friday, March 3, 2017

Swatches and Stuff - February 2017 + France Giveaway!!

Hi everyone,

Hmmm, it looks like I have not used my blog in quite some time. Do not despair, I do have intentions to update more often!
Here is my latest Swatches and Stuff in which I review the products and "stuff" I used over the past 30 days. There is also a giveaway for some goodies I brought back from France (never too late, I guess!) Scroll below to enter the giveaway:

Here is the video:

Here are the products I reviewed in this video:

Vaseline Mature Skin Lotion (Click here)
Origins - Dr. Weil Micellar Cleansing Water (Click here)
Super Face - Glow for it Mask (Click here)
Alba Botanical - Cleansing Wipes (detox) (Click here)
Alba Botanical - Detox Mask (Click here)
Andalou Organics - 1000 Roses Exfoliator (Click here)
Andalou Organics - BB Cream (Click here)
CND - VinyLux Nailpolish (Click here)
Covergirl - Roses Palette - eye shadows (Click here)
Lisa Gardner - The Third Victim (Click here)
Linda Lael Miller - Yankee Wife (Click here)

And items in the giveaway:
Tonigencyl Toothpaste (not available on Amaxon)
Roger Gallet - Jean Marie Farina - Eau Vielle - Triple Milled Soap (Click here)
Bourgrois - Blush in Coup de Foudre (Click here)
Bourgeois - Whipped Velvet in Peach (Click here)

To enter the giveaway, follow the rafflecopter prompts below. You must be 18 years old or older (otherwise parental approval is needed), this is open internationally and will run until March 18, 2017.
The winner will have one week to contact me with address for shipping!

click the rafflecopter link below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Vera Bradley Designs, Inc. NORDSTROM - Shop Free People's Festival 2017 Collectionxxx

This blog contains affiliate advertising from Amazon - this is how I support my blog, and youtube channel. by clicking and purchasing any of the products mentioned above, I receive a small commission.
All products mentioned above were purchased by myself using my personal funds.


  1. Thank you for the chance to enter your generous giveaway, it's not often that giveaways are open to us "oversees gals".

    Love your channel, blog and FB page so much ... thank you for all the time you put in to make your videos so entertaining, educational and fun!

    ps ... we are all still waiting for your hubbies chilli recipe!

  2. Burritos. He teases me every week end with it. I tokd him he s disapointing thousands.

  3. You have helped me get started again with your youtube videos. I have had a battle witl Graves Disease for about a year and a half. A little more than a year ago when my symptoms got bad enough to try to find out what it was, i moved to a smaller house and was talked into hiring some movers who made my situation a lot worse. They just dumped my stuff anywhere. Too much clutter, no garage now and exaustion. You have rrally helped motivate me. You and your hubby are so cute and funny togeyher. I didn't know you were in NJ until partway through your videos. I am the 6th generation great granddaughter of John Hart, signer of The Declaration Of Independence. He liveded in Hopewell, NJ. I would love to visit Hopewell some day. Keep up the great work.

  4. Exhaustion* Sorry for any other misspelled words. Lol. Need to check my spelling when trying to type fast.

  5. Love watching you videos! You and I are very much alike. Maybe because we are close in age. Thank you so much for sharing yourself. Blessing! Lorie

  6. Angela Allen from CaliforniaJuly 17, 2017 at 9:26 AM

    Hey Sofia, I am truly enjoying your zone cleaning videos. I have been watching you since month one and your approach and methods for your zones are amazing. It has truly saved my life, my blood pressure is lower and I now enjoy coming home after work. I also appreciate how you group your maintenance zone cleaning in weekly videos. I watch them Monday morning while eating breakfast, so i can get encourage to do my next zone. Thanks so much Sofia, you are a life saver ��

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  12. Hi what color did you use for the stain? I love it. Though my stairs are pine it might take it as a different color. Thanks!


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