Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Swatches & Stuff - December 2015 + Giveaway!

Hi friends,

This is the last Swatches & Stuff for the year so let's go out with a BANG!

Here is the companion video if you want a more in depth review of all the products mentioned in this blog:

Use the links (in blue) down below to check items for further info.

1. Nivea - In Shower Body Lotion - Very disappointed with this product. While it does what it says it does, the awkwardness of the bottle (resting on its narrow end) and the fact that you spend more time rinsing it off than it would take to put regular lotion on - make this a gimmick in my book - C+.

2. Avon Power Serum - This is actually pretty good but a bit pricey for AVON  ($40) in my opinion. A good serum that is fluid without running all over the place (hence not wasteful like some other serums). It provides a good canvas on which to put your treatment cream. This one particularly targets aging signs such as dark spots, fine line, loss of elasticity and loss of hydration. I apply it morning and night (mostly night though) after cleansing with my Clarisonic brush. Other serums do similar jobs though.B.

3. Avon Anew Platinum - Day Cream - A very good and affordable (under $20) day cream with an Spf of 25. It targets firmness, sagginess, fine lines and wrinkles as well as creepiness on your neck and decollete. I mix it with my Lancome Foundation for an even coverage. It does not clog my pores but does leave a bit of dewiness on my skin by end of day. I like it a lot. A-

4. Avon Anew Platinum - Night Cream - This is an excellent night cream. It is not greasy, no tacky feeling or oiliness in the morning. It is more gel like than a cream which makes the application not only easy and fast absorbing, it is also cooling to the touch. So far I have noticed my skin, in particular my jaw line, looking firmer. A great buy for under $20. A +

5. Avon Anew Platinum - Eye Cream -  All I can say is wow! This reminds me a lot of L'Oreal Revitalift Eye Cream which used to be my favorite one in my mid 30s. It offers everything you can ask for from an eye cream - it is thick, penetrates well, super emolient and best of all - fine lines almost disappear within a week! You use a small metal ball applicator  (provided with the cream) to de-puff your eyes as you apply the cream. Truly excellent. A+.

6. Avon Anew Platinum Cleanser -   A creamy cleanser that takes off makeup and dirt without drying your skin. I find it leaves my skin moisturized without leaving an oily residue. It does not work well with my Clarisonic because this is a non foaming cleanser though. B.

7. Avon Eye Shadow Primer - This is an excellent alternative to other brand name primers. I like this one in particular because it is not waxy, but rather fluid. In fact, it feels more like a souffle type cream than a primer. I use it all over my lids as well as my under eye area to even out skin tone. Feels like velvet and does not melt on my skin unlike the waxy types. Eye shadow stays on all day with this. A+.

8. Avon Eye Shadow Duo in Crushed Orchid  First, let me tell you about the price: this is under $5. What? YES! Under $5, you can't even find a $5 eye shadow duo at the drugstore. Second, this stays on ALL DAY, it will not move (especially if you use the primer). I honestly had no idea that Avon products were that good! No fall out, great application, high pigment....just great! A+

9. Avon Luminous Blush in Warm Flush -  Just the right amount of shimmer to make it equally beautiful for daytime and nighttime wear. Again, no fallout. Great quality. A+

10. Avon Color Indulgence Lipstick in Peach Petunia - This is not a full coverage lipstick, more like a sheer, yet, it is very pigmented and has amazing stay on. It is not drying, does not feel tacky either. I am definitely checking out additional colors within this line. A.

So this was my first time trying Avon products and I dare say I am pretty impressed. So much so that my December Giveaway is all about Avon!

Here is the Giveaway:


Avon Shadow Duo in Crushed Orchid
Avon Luminous Blush
Avon Light Beige Eye Primer
Avon Lipstick in Peach Petunia
MicaCosmetics Bronze Eyeshadow (not featured).

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All instructions are in the Rafflecopter giveaway gizmo down below (if it does not load, try again later).

Giveaway is open internationally and until January 14, 2016.

Good luck!

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  1. Hello! Beautiful items, tfs. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy New Year!

  2. I need to get some area of my life organized. Just one would be an accomplishment.

  3. Happy holidays from sunny barbados!

  4. What a great giveaway!!! Such fun products!

  5. Beautiful products. I love your energy!

  6. So many things I need to do in 2016. Get organized, purge things, and lose weight. Great giveaway. Thank you for your wonderful videos. 😀

  7. Hello! I'd like to first say Merry Christmas to you and your family. Secondly, I like to say Thank You for inspiring me to be more productive and because of your videos this is going to be my New Years resolution. May God Bless you and your beautiful family! Love Candy ♡

  8. Happy New Year Sophia- I love your youtube channel. You are such an inspiration. I am joining your weight loss journey using weight watchers with you. You take a realistic no nonsense approach to all you do. Love this give away.Lisa

  9. Love Avon. Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. Happy new year from clutter challenged as well. Lol
    lots of love from Barbara!

  11. Happy New Year. I'm so glad I found your videos! I truly LOVE watching you. I love how resourceful you are & I lenjoy the tips & tricks. I always feel empower after watching your videos!! Go Sophia!

  12. Love your blog! Thank you for all you do. You are an inspiration in every way. Thank you for doing a giveaway!
    You are so down to earth, you make everything seem doable. Blessings to you and your family!

  13. Happy New Year Sophia, Thanks for the opportunity to win your generous giveaway.

  14. Love your videos, Sophia! Happy New Year!

  15. I have to tell you that your complexion and makeup looks wonderful. Love all of the products. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  16. Thank you Sophia, for a great year of videos. Thank you also for starting the weight loss group on Facebook. You are awesome!

  17. I need to get my house organized & purged for 2016.

  18. I have several small goals to reach the bigger goal of being organized. My word for the year is FOCUS because I need to focus on what's important to me, which is my health and my family and since being diagnosed last year with RA and degenerative disc disease I have realized that my "stuff" is not worth the literal pain. I LOVE watching your videos and have watched a TON of them this week while laid up in bed. You are so encouraging. I even got a few small tasks done that I had been putting off. Thank you!!!

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  20. Hey Sophia! I love watching your channel. I enjoy watching your project and cleaning as they give me motivation to do things like that. I loved the video!!

  21. Hey Sophia! I love watching your channel. I enjoy watching your project and cleaning as they give me motivation to do things like that. I loved the video!!

  22. Thankyou for the giveaway! So excited!

  23. My goal for 2016 is to stay on my feet (I'm disabled) ... keep on with the good fight and live my life through the pain and not let it win... with a huge smile... I love your vids, they make me smile and something to look forward to... thank you so much Sophia x

  24. Thanks for your honest, down-to-earth review of the Avon products. Love the purple and pink combo!

  25. My main goals for 2016 are:to exercise/become more active and to set up an etsy shop!


  27. Really enjoy your video- you have such a wonderful attitude - Happy New Year

  28. would love to try the Avon Lipstick in Peach Petunia such a stunning shade! fingers tightly crossed

  29. My number one goal for 2016 is more me time. I've spent so much time focusing on everyone else, now it's time for me.

  30. My number goal is to treat myself to my hair cut more often maybe even go for a massage and stop being such a stresser :)

  31. Thanks for the opportunity to win! I used to use Avon a lot but haven't tried them in years. Sounds like I need to reassess.

  32. My #1 goal for this year is to be a kinder person, to others and myself. xoxo

  33. To get organized, and stay organized!!

  34. Sophia you inspire me to do better.

  35. My number one goal is to be more focused and aware of what I am doing while I am doing it.

  36. I need to get a job, Happy New Year

  37. Hey Sophia awesome video, I love watching your videos they always make my day and thank you so much for the giveaway you are so kind and inspiring :-) much love xx

  38. To travel more as i dont get out much working full time nights.

  39. Love you, Sophia! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  40. I love your channel on YouTube, and I just love your honest, real approach. I have never thought of Avon, but now I'm definitely going to check out their skin care and makeup. I remember it from when I was a kid, but I guess I've gotten caught up in the work of expensive Beauty Guru suggestions. Honestly, I don't have the money for that anymore. Thanks for all you do!

  41. Happy New Year! This is a very generous gift thank you!

  42. Great review! Thank you

  43. Thank you for the giveaway! My number one goal is to feel more joy in 2016

  44. Love you & your channel, Sophia! You are inspiring ... and real! Happy New Year to you & your precious family! In 2016, I intend to spend more quality time with my hubby & kids (ages 12 & 7), and also have a cleaner & more organized home :)

  45. Wishing you and your family a happy New year. I love watching your youtube channel your videos are such an upper for me. My goal for 2016 is to lose 50 pounds.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. I absolutely love watching you !! I have learned so much.. really I have !! Happy New Year !! <3

  48. I am focusing this year on my health. That's my overall goal. Trying to break that goal down. I am so encouraged by you, your really amazing. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  49. I'm looking forward to the new year for a fresh start on taking control of my health!

  50. My goals are to try to eat healthier and hopefully lose some weight

  51. Thank you Sophia you never cease to amaze me! Happy New Year and may God richly Bless you and your family in 2016 xo

  52. Awesome products hope to win the give away even though I don't have a Facebook.. Happy new year sophia

  53. Happy new year!
    Very nice and various products! I wish I win this givewaway

  54. My goal this year is to maintain a good CGPA!

  55. Happy new year!! I'm going to start yoga this year and get a little more in shape xx

  56. My number one goal is a New Career. To achieve this I must finish my NC in built environment in June. Then move on to my HNC in Quantity Surveying in September 2016. Its a 4 year plan but i'm nearly at the half way mark.

  57. happy new year Sophia!!! My goal this year is keeping my house organized.I´m trying that!!!
    Kisses to you and your family.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. (I don't know what I did but I repost my comment !)
      Hello Sophia ! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family !
      My #1 goal for 2016 is to use up as many makeup products from my stash as possible (I'm on a no buy since a few months now) :)
      These Avon products seem really wonderful ! Fingers crossed ! ;)
      -Sophie (pixiwoofanfromfrance on YT / sophie_pixiwoofanfromfrance on Instagram)

  59. Ooo this a really exciting giveaway! Happy New Year!

  60. Love your channel! It keeps me motivated all year <3

  61. Great Giveaway, Good luck to everyone that enters!! Happy 2016!! Love your channel!

  62. I loved the Avon lip stick color my fav . I have to get me some and thanks as always Sophia . HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone !!

  63. Thanks for the video! I'm glad you found Avon. It's always nice to see a brand we too have in Finland, and especially one I really like. The prices are really good, even for a student. And the products are of great quality.
    Anna Varjonmaa

  64. My main goal is to sort this house out and move into a bigger/family home with my husband :)

  65. My goal is to be more involved with my family and enjoying time together.

  66. My goal is to be more involved with my family and enjoying time together.

  67. To walk more rather than take the car x

  68. Joannporter0102@comcast.netJanuary 1, 2016 at 11:51 PM

    This is very generous.

  69. Great giveaway. Purge and organize for 2016.

  70. I always love your videos, you always give great everything you do.

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. Hi Sophia, I love the videos you make with your family. Keep up the great work, as always God bless you, and yours.

  73. Hi Sophia, I love the videos you make with your family. Keep up the great work, as always God bless you, and yours.

  74. Cook more from scratch, and continue to purge and organise. Lorna UK

  75. Happy New Year Sophia! I love Avon products and was excited to see your video today. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  76. I want to try more healthy recipes

  77. I love this natural remedy. Thanks for sharing. Everyday I nourish my skin with Sakare's Body Lotion that's packed with moisture.

  78. Hi sophia I love your youtube channel I watch all your videos every my little boy whos 5 asks me every evening "mummy can we watch sophia" Im from the uk and avon products are big here I regularly order from avon and I have to agree with you there products are amazing and so affordable and also they have a huge range of clothing makeup and skin care products for all age groups keep doing what your doing your amazing with love from my family to yours xxx

  79. I would like to do less. I am looking forward to simplifying my life. I love your channel and was glad to see you reviewing Avon products. I have been curious about the platinum skin care line.

  80. I want to declutter - this was brought on by the post Christmas/New Year tidy up!

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambelr

  81. My goal: I have had ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia as well as IBS and IIH for 7 years, and because of all of my meds I have put on a massive 3 stones in the last 4/5 years, so my goal is to lose 3 stones which hopefully may kick start some sort of recovery, so I can then get back to work and have a life once again x Fabulous. Thank you for the chance to win X

  82. my number 1 goal - to pay down my debts

  83. My number one goal is to get healthy as I am apparently 'Pre - Diabetic so no more chocolate for me x

  84. I've already lost 5 stones in the last few years but I really need to lose some more weight.

  85. to wear make up more often

  86. My goal is to just laugh more, it is the best medicine after all! :) Happy new year!

  87. To lose my babyweight by my 35th birthday in May.

  88. To give up puddings during week days.

  89. I need to loose some weight and just generally eat more healthy food x

  90. My number one goal for 2016 is to become so much more organized and on top of things at home. Working full-time and being a very busy mummy of 2 girls and a wife to a man-child, I find that I tend to let things slide and therefore am running arund doing things at the last minute, resulting in much stress for me! So, I have bought a beautiful To Do notebook, diary and 2 calendars to try to help me achieve this!

  91. I don't have any goals for 2016, just continue to be happy and health thanks

  92. To be healthy and happy! And to be productive but not stressed!

  93. I want to get my house organized and for my self start to take long walks!

  94. To get back down to a healthy weight

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