Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 Planner Inserts for the Franklin Covey Classic or Filofax A5

Hi friends,

I am a planner addict! It's true. If I had the time and money, I would journal and buy every sticker, post-it note and pen known to the universe. I plan, I write, I put together to-do lists, I undo them and re-list on and on and on. There is something to be said about a sense of control when you take pen and paper in hand and start planning your most simple tasks.

My Franklin Covey Boston from Franklin Covey has been my best friend for over one year now and I could not imagine a life without it. However, I have specific needs and do not always find the right inserts for me. So, necessity being the mother of all inventions, I have been making my own for quite some time now and here is the 2015 edition:

Want to see my inserts in action? Check out this video:

I created my own month on two pages

And my own day on one page. It has it's own schedule and enough room for to-do's health tracker and a few notes.

Each month starts with a list of goals and each month ends with a few note pages.

Because I like to plan monthly, weekly and daily, I also continue to use my week on two pages.

This time around I added a billing tracker for each month

And an expense tracker

Here is another view of the week on two pages

Saturdays and Sundays are combined onto one page.

What is best about my inserts this year is that they are double sided, so no more blank pages in between, saves paper and space in my planner. For now I am using the first six months, since my planner is 1.25 in ring size, I still need to use it for other things.

If you like my inserts, they are available for purchase at my Etsy shop:

Here is the link:

My Great Challenge Etsy Shop

Check it out!


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Are you new to paper planner? Want to get your life organized once and for all? Check out this new Classic Caroline Binder from Franklin Covey:

Classic Caroline Binder  - Cobalt
Classic Caroline Binder - Cobalt

Or this Classic Quinn in Dove Grey:

Classic Quinn Binder - Grey
Classic Quinn Binder - Grey
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