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EcoEmi - January 2014 - Full Review

Hi friends,

Oh my, oh my! 2014 is starting really good with EcoEmi, this was by far one of the best boxes I have received this year! (LOL).
EcoEmi January 2014

Aura Cacia - Foam Bath - A+
Full Size (one packet) $3.29
I love Aura Cacia! Their products offer a great quality bathing experience and they are cruelty free and entirely botanical. This one has a very bright (summery) scent which I needed when considering the amount of blah weather we have had in NJ these past few weeks. The foam version of this aromatic bath is very soft and puffy...I thought it was very nice to play around with (yes, I am like a 5 year old when I take baths) and it lasted a long time too! Check out the Aura Cacia website for more fun products to try.
Sweet Riot - Dark Chocolate - A+
90 square cubes - $29.99

These chocolates are just divine! A cube of four was all I needed to satisfy my chocolate craving this week! Each square is only 25 calories and the intensity of the 70% cacao is really all you need to feel like you are indeed treating yourself, guilt-free. SweetRiot, as a brand, has been getting a lot of publicity lately (as seen on tv etc.) Check them out here.
Marie Natie - LipGloss - A-
0.27 oz is $18.00
Originally, I thought that $18 was a bit pricey for a simple  lip gloss. But overall, the quality does justify the high price tag. This is a beautiful shade of hot pink meets raspberry  glitter glamour! It is very suitable for daytime and nighttime wear and the color payoff is very close to what you see on my hand (above). As for the formula, it is a lacquered, thick gloss, so if you are not into gooey lips and thick layers of gloss, this one is not for you. For that reason I cannot give it a higher mark since I felt it was a bit too much as a sensation (heavy feeling). Otherwise, it is very hydrating (enriched with natural oils) and I would recommend you check out the Marie Natie website for see other colors within this line...
Image Source
Derma E - Evenly Radiant kin Trio - B+
Full Size - $15.95 to $27.95

The cleanser was very nice, a clear gel-like formula that did a great job at removing my makeup, even tough mascara. The dark circle cream was also nice to use, however, I did not care for the brightening night cream. I thought it was too thick and required a lot of working through the get it to penetrate my skin. That being said, all three left my skin moisturized and supple. You can check out their entire line and other ranges at the Dermstore online.
African Black Soap and Shaving Kit - F
Full Kit $29.99
I just hated this product and I can tell you why: I could not get past the smell. It is very intense, sort of like hemp mixed with wet cardboard. It bothered me while I was doing the video review and could not get rid of the scent throughout the day. As a result, I did not try the black soap - plus it looks too gross.
Sorry, EcoEmi, I know a lot of people swear by this stuff, I guess it's just too different for me.
Aquanatural - Sponge - B+
7 pieces - $7.75
I think this is a pretty good deal for natural sponges (just a bit over $1 each). I tried mine on my face the first night and it was a bit rough, so if you are looking for an exfoliating sponge, this one would be very good. As a body sponge, it's a tad too small (at least the sample was) but does a great job on elbows and knees. I like it.
Natural Flower Power - All Purpose Cleaner - B+
I was very excited to try this product on my wooden floors. Overall, it did a good job as a cleaner, did not leave much streak and smelled delightful with hot clean water. Nice suds too. Unfortunately, I did not find that it had great lasting scent - I would have expected the Lavender to linger a bit longer. If you are allergic to cleaners or have pets who are allergic to cleaners, this one would be ideal. I did not try it on tiles, and therefore cannot rate it for that kind of surface. There is a large variety of natural cleaners on their website you may be interested to check out for yourself.
Unfortunately, I also received a soy candle I cannot review since I did not take pictures and already used to the bottom of the tin. It was a soy candle in chocolate raspberry scent from Natures Natural. I loved it and sure enough, I cannot find them on the web to provide you with a link. I apologize for that.
So, overall, this was another great box from EcoEmi, aside from the black soap scent aversion episode. I am still very much looking forward to my monthly box and cannot see myself cancelling the subscription anytime soon! Thanks again Christine!
Thank you for reading and sharing my blog.

Happy New Year,

Sophia, NJ.

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