Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to use coupons and save 50% off your grocery bill

Hello friends,

About two years ago I came across the show Extreme Couponing on TLC. I had seen coupons before but never really paid much attention to them, the truth is that I really was a complete ignoramus as to what they were supposed to do or how to use them. After watching one episode of the show my husband and I looked at each other and immediately realized we could totally do this! And we did!

It has been about 18 months now that I have been using coupons while grocery shopping, I have learned a lot of the tricks and tips on how to save money at the supermarket or drugstore and that has allowed us to not only save a lot but also build a decent size stockpile we routinely rely on when there is too much month left at the end of our money, not to mention those times when power is out for days at a time! 

There are a lot of folks that have asked me how I do it, so instead of doing a traditional blog with long explanations in between pictures, I chose to make a video showing you the entire 

First, let me reassure you that I am in not an Extreme Couponer, I do not leave the stores with carts full of free stuff. My stockpile is not a food warehouse with hundreds of like items, that was never my intention. I call myself a reasonable couponer because I save on average 50% or more on food and at least 70% on drugstore items (yeah for free makeup!). I do get items for free once in a while, but when I do, I may have enough coupons to buy maybe 10 items, not 300!

Things you will see in the video:

  • How to match coupons to a sales circular (whether manually or via the computer)
  • How to prepare your list
  • How to clip, sort and organize coupons using a coupon binder
  • Three combined shopping trips at my local supermarket (I am showing you how much I saved and what I bought)
  • My shopping haul for that day
  • My mini stockpile and,
  • Could not help it, but I had to squeeze in my two dogs somewhere in there as well!
It is my hope that you find this video informative as well as inspiring.

Here is the video:

You can find me on FACEBOOK.

Thanks for watching and sharing MGC with your friends and family.

Sophia, NJ.


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I welcome your feedback and comments. If you have a question or a specific request, do not hesitate, I am here to help! Thanks, S.

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