Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas House Tour - 2012

At last, here they are, pictures from our 2012 Christmas Decorations (indoors only)!

But first, here is a little bit of history:

I have been working on this tree since 2002. Originally the theme was 1001 Nights...It worked wonderfully for years as I managed to gather all sorts of ornaments and small treasures including a vintage Christopher Radko Aladdin. I have a Genie,  Scheherazade on her magic carpet, an oil lamp, flocks of peacocks and many wild animals. That was until last year when a certain puppy chased another certain puppy we equally love and, you guessed it, the tree fell! GASP indeed! 
I can't even say that I was mad for half a second because I do love my dogs, however, I am pretty convinced I will never be able to replace the vintage Aladdin and some of the other glass blown ornaments that were shattered in this catastrophe!

Well, never mind! I am back in business and this is 2012!


Here is the living room:

The dresser is a street find - FREE - from the 1930's.

My 1001 Nights Christmas tree is decorated with feathers, wild animals, birds, and many blooming flowers, some made of silk, others covered in glitter...

On the top I added a spray of simple twigs I once found at Michael's and two hummingbirds from Pier 1 Import.

The peacocks are also from Pier 1. At the bottom of this picture you can spot a miniature Aladdin I found at the World Market Bazaar a long time ago.

This gorgeous bloom (one of 6) is a Michael's 70% sale. I think I paid $1.99 for each.
Here is the tree as seen from the top when you walk down to the first floor.

On the banister I attache  a simple garland from Michael's, last year sales event, and added a purple and pink beaded garland I found at Wal-Mart back in the days. Two of those fabulous mouth blown ornaments survived last year, they are now garnishing the banister.

When coming from the staircase, you can see the display I put together this year. Here I have a Father Christmas I bought at a garage sale last summer for $15, three miniature Christmas trees from the Home Depot, a large bird house found at a dollar store which I use for my French Nativity scene.

This is my childhood's Nativity set, they are called Santons de Provence and are hand sculpted and painted. I only have a few but have seen homes where dozens of these tiny little characters form entire villages telling the Nativity as seen from Southern France. Fewer people keep a Nativity these days and that is truly sad (in my opinion).  Folks are losing the meaning of Christmas...I don't want my children to forget the story behind Christmas.

Here is the mantel. I do keep it simple because it is the central point in the living room and  do not want it to compete with the tree. The mantel itself is also quite narrow.

This Father Christmas was a gift many years ago. I love him so much that he stays in the living room, year round.

 Frosted faux mercury glass from the bargain store...

I reserve the dining room for my special collection of Christopher Radko' Snowman ornaments. Since our first wedding anniversary, my husband offers me one ornament each Christmas. I never know which one will come my way but it is always a Radko and always a snowman. I love them all and count 15 thus far, though we have been married 12 years, I admit to having sneaked an additional 3 over the years :-). 

Also new this year is this small bookcase decoration in the dining room. The bookcase actually belongs to the living room but needed to be moved in order to make room for the tree...It landed here and provided me another opportunity for a few decorative tchotchkes.

The Mouse King found itself trapped this year!

So there you have it, my indoor Christmas Decor!

Over the past few weeks I gathered a few pictures submitted by MGC fans and am now taking this opportunity to showcase some of the many decorative talents of our readers. Enjoy!

This is from Bea in NJ.

From Nancy in GA.

From Julia in OH,

And from Marie-Jeanne in Belgium,

Thank you all who submitted pictures, if you want to be featured on this blog post, join our Facebook page and submit your pictures on our page, we will add it to this post.
Thank you for liking and sharing My Great Challenge.

Merry Christmas to all,

Sophia, NJ


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