Friday, November 23, 2012

Lego Sale + Free Shipping

The Lego Store has a sale with free shipping! Click on the link below:

  • 10% off all orders of $149 or more

  • Free Limited Edition Holiday set with orders of $99 or more.

  • FREE Shipping on all orders of $49 or more.

  • All offers Valid: Nov 23rd – 26th

  • Offers Combinable – No Code Required

  •   10% OFF + FREE Shipping + Exclusive Holiday Set. Valid 11.23.12 - 11.26.12


    Here is a list of other great sales (search their website by product number provided below and use the link above):

    These are 50% off!

    8831  LEGO® Minifigures, Series 7

    8833  LEGO® Minifigures, Series 8

    9509  LEGO® Star Wars™ Advent Calender

    850423  Minifigure Presentation Box

    5000215 Harry Potter: Building the Magical World

    These are 20 % off

    3841  Minotaurus

    3857 Heroica Draida Bay

    5609  LEGO® DUPLO Deluxe Train Set

    5945  LEGO® DUPLO Winnie the Pooh's Picnic

    5946  LEGO® DUPLO Tigger's Expedition

    7286 Prisoner Transport

    7346 Summer House - 20%

    7930  LEGO® Star Wars™Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship

    7962  LEGO® Star Wars™ Anakin's & Sebulba's Podracers

    9094  LEGO® Star Wars™ Star Striker

    853414 LEGO® Star Wars™ Magnet Set - Jar Jar Binks

    853421 LEGO® Star Wars™ Magnet Set - Clone Wars

    2850828  LEGO® Star Wars™ Darth Vader Kids Watch

    2853508 LEGO® Star Wars™ : The Visual Dictionary

    2856081  LEGO® Star Wars™ Darth Vader Minifigure Clock

    2856195 LEGO Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Collection

    5000143 LEGO® Star Wars™ Boba Fett Watch

    5000249 LEGO® Star Wars™ Boba Fett Minifigure Clock

    5000668 LEGO City Sticker Collection

    5000671 LEGO Star Wars Sticker Collection

    5001050  LEGO® Star Wars™ Star Wars ZipBin Large Millennium Falcon Messenger Bag

    5001097 Star Wars ZipBin Toy Box and Playmat

    5001159  LEGO® Star Wars™ Darth Vader Light Keychain

    5001160  LEGO® Star Wars™ Stormtoorper Light Keychain

    5001252 - 2013 LEGO Calendar

    5001310   LEGO® Star Wars™ Yoda Light Keychain

    5001311  LEGO® Star Wars™ Darth Maul Light Keychain

    5001313  LEGO® Star Wars™ Darth Vader Light Torch

    5001314  LEGO® Star Wars™ Stormtrooper Light Torch

    5001352 Monster Fighters Mummy Clock

    5001353 Monster Fighters Lord Vampyre Clock

    5001354 Monster Fighters Mummy Watch

    5001355 Ninjago Kai ZX Clock

    5001356 Ninjago Kai ZX Watch

    5001357 Ninjago Cole Watch

    5001358 Ninjago Lasha Watch

    5001366 Ninjago Loyd ZX Clock

    5001375 Monster Fighters Lord Vampyre Watch

    5001376 Lunch Box Blue

    5001377 Lunch Box Pink

    5001378 Lunch Box Red

    5001383 Storage Brick- 4 Blue

    5001384 Storage Brick- 4 Dark Green

    5001386 Storage Brick- 8 Blue

    5001387 Storage Brick- 8 Dark Green

    5001388 Storage Brick- 8 Red

    Here is the link again:

    10% OFF + FREE Shipping + Exclusive Holiday Set. Valid 11.23.12 - 11.26.12 Happy shopping!

    Sophia, NJ

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