Sunday, October 7, 2012

Decorating with pumpkins

I caved in, I admit it, I simply could not resist decorating the mantle this year!
You may recall from a previous post that I had decided to contain my creative bug to the Dining Room...and that of course only lasted two weeks!
It did not help that a few MGC readers submitted their own decor on Facebook or via email, including my sister in France...What can I say,  I found myself  inspired!
Decorating with pumpkins is simple and frugal too since you can chose to simplify your decor using only real pumpkins and a few twigs. This time of year our garden centers are filled with all varieties from the exotic to the ubiquitous carving gourds we occasionally catapult across corn fields.
Prices for pumpkins can range (depending on your area) from $3.00 for a medium size to $10.00 for a larger one. I recommend you purchase those that are advertised as packages, instead of by the pound, such as 2 for x amount since the size may vary and you would not be charged for the additional weight of the biggest one on the lot!
As always, I did some browsing around about various types of pumpkin indoor and outdoor decor. For the purpose of this post I will not focus on Halloween decor because not all of us decorate our home for Halloween, we may choose instead to decorate for the Fall Season as it lasts longer, and so do pumpkins. I found out that uncarved pumpkins can last up to two months - that's almost the entire season!
Here are some decorating ideas found on the Internet (sources are listed below each picture) as well as from MGC readers, Julia A. , Marie-Jeanne C. and Bea T.
Using exotic pumpkins as a table centerpiece you can create an eye catching display...

Better Homes & Garden
Better Homes & Garden

Outdoors decorating is not limited to stairs and decks and small pumpkins can be added to window planters and boxes as well, why not add a few winter cabbage or corn husks?

Vignette Designs

Of course, one can incorporate carving as it is not solely restricted to Halloween...Here are two examples:
Martha Stewart Living
Martha Stewart living
You can also use pumpkins in the most unexpected places around your home, such as this great idea using pumpkins gushing out of a fireplace! Why not paint them too?
The Party Dress
MGC reader, Julia A. displays her pumpkin collection throughout her entire home...Using a mix of wooden and ceramic pumpkins in every room, she brings a sense of continuity and warmth to her whole  interior...Love it!


Another MGC reader, Bea T., incorporated pumpkins with apples and other fall vignettes to decorate her farm mantle at Tassot Apiaries in Milford, NJ...

Tassot Apiaries

Outside, Bea used a more traditional look, complete with hay and a whimsy scarecrow... What a great entrance!

Tassot Apiaries 

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Marie-Jeanne C. assembled her pumpkins in a symmetrical pattern, plain and simple...

As you can see, pumpkins are versatile, and again, while uncarved they will retain their shape and color for the entire fall season. I do recommend, when used inside, to check the bottom of your pumpkins every so often and ensure they are not softened, a sure sign it is time to toss them away!

Our Home

For my mantle, I used a mix of small and medium size pumpkins, as well as other fall related items. I also included a large faux bouquet I had for years and added a few other silk flowers I also had laying around the house. Books, a glass bell, and a squirrel clock complete the look...What do you think?


There is a surprise in this acorn!

It's a clock! Found this little treasure at a farmer's market last week end!

Moving outside, this is the outdoor decoration for our home this year...We used apple baskets from our latest apple picking trip in Warwick, NY.,  twigs and branches were found on the ground. All I purchased were pumpkins, corn and one purple Mum...This was all under $20 (inside and out!)

Fall decorating is easy to do and everything you need can be found in nature itself! Are you inspired?
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Thank you,

Sophia, NJ.



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