Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day One - The Great Acceptance

Let's mark this as the day I came to realize a serious change was needed. Perhaps not "realized", since it was more like an acceptance or a resignation that something had to be done.

I have spent most of my life reinventing myself, changing from here to there and being in constant flux. I do not know what it is to sit down and relax, for my mind, however demanted it may appear at times, must remain in constant activation mode. There is not Stand By mode in my world, only Reboot and Upgrades.

In a nutshell, this blog will address all the changes I need to make. I have separated them into various areas and though at times I am sure it will look like I am jumping all over the place, I will do my very best at maintaining cohesion, not confusion, and by the same token spread some of the knowledge I acquire along the way since I intend to research all subjects.

Thus far, here are some of the areas I want to focus on:

Efficiency - Organization and Time Management
Parenting  and Family- Communication, Leadership and Guidance - Love and Acceptance.
Health - Getting off all current meds (the list is endless) and reach a goal of optimal health and balance
Nutrition - losing weight goes without saying, though I still fit in all my clothes (some more snuggly than others) the overall shape is gone and that is a fact. This time however, I am not going to get stuck on a number, the reality is that at my age I will never return to my size 6! I am looking for a better nutritional intake, one that goes in hand with my Health goals.
Creativity - That one aspect of me that will never change, however, needs to be redirected into something more manageable and enjoyable (how about I finish a project here and there!)
Financial Freedom - I would not consider myself a spendthrift however, living paycheck to paycheck is NOT par tof my future plans. That includes business plans which are in the making (more on that later).

That's what I have so far. The plan is to journal through this journey and ultimately Honesty with self and the world is the goal.

I am hoping this journey inspires a few others to do the same.


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